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Lamar High School


Lamar's Band and Orchestra Travel to Florida to work with Disney

Over Spring Break Lamar's Band and Orchestra traveled to Orlando Florida for six days to attend a music clinical through the Disney Performing Arts at Disney's Epcot. Disney Performing Arts is away that Disney reaches out to musicians and helps encourage them to keep working to improve their skills and technique.  
The students had a chance to learn what it takes to put music into the Disney's movies and what is expected from a professional musician.  The Band and Orchestra received tips on sight reading that will be helpful for both UIL and in playing new music more quickly. Lamar's students also had a chance to play some of Disney's most notorious songs from Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast. Along with playing well know music the students were able to create music based on movie Tarzan. 
Below is the students playing to some of the songs they learned at Disney Performing Arts.  
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