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Lamar High School


2017 Prom Information



“The Great Gatsby”

Saturday, April 22, 2017


Bayou City Event Center

9401 Knight Road

Houston, TX  77045

(just south off 610 off Almeda Road.  Check your source for

directions especially for you)

8 PM – 12 midnight

$75 each ticket

The After-Prom Casino Party immediately follows the prom at the same place

12 midnight-4

A$25 each ticket

Tickets:  The prom tickets and after prom tickets are on sale in the cafeteria during every lunch from Monday, April 6th until Wednesday, April 15thThere will be no tickets sold at the door of the prom.  No more than 2 tickets per senior and you must purchase a prom ticket to be eligible to purchase an after prom ticket.

COST:  Prom ticket: $75 each person   After prom ticket:  $25 each person

You must pay in cash, money order or cashier check(made out to Lamar High School) No personal checks will be accepted for payment.

Food:   There will be appetizers, desserts, soft drinks, water etc…..

Parking:  All vehicles will be valet parked.  There will be no parking early of vehicles.  Your valet fee will be covered in your prom ticket.  You must tip the valet for your parking.    Please do this for the valet because they work very hard.

Attire:   The prom is a formal dress occasion.  All students must be in formal attire.  


On Prom Night 
You must check into the prom by 10 PM SHARP, or you will not be admitted.  And we have heard every broken down limo, “dinner ran late”, “I was at the salon and my stylist was slow” story in the book.  Make sure you are there by 10 PM.  Also, NO tickets will be available at the door.  This means that once you get there you stay until you are ready to leave.  After you leave you will not be able to come back. 

THE PROM IS FORMAL.  Girls, do not show too much skin.  Guys, no Texas tuxes.  There are many tux shops that have great selections in latest tuxedo fashions.  Please use them. 



1.    Prom/after-prom tickets will be sold starting on Wednesday, April 5th  until April 19th   in the cafeteria during all lunches.  Payment needs to be in the form of Cash, Money Order or Cashier Check (they need to be made out to Lamar High School).  No personal checks will be accepted.

2.   You must purchase a prom ticket to be eligible to come to the after prom.

3.   No tickets will be sold at the door.  No more than 2 tickets per senior.

4.    Everyone attending the after-prom please bring a change of clothes.   Like at the airport, ALL BAGS WILL BE SEARCHED upon arrival.  No outside food or drinks will be allowed.

5.   When you come into the prom bring your change of clothes from your vehicle and check them in the check-in to be picked up when you are ready to change and they will be available for when you are ready to leave.

6.   There will be appetizers, desserts, soft drinks and water at the prom.

7.   Party busses and vans will be subject to be searched upon arrival.

8.   No parking of cars at Bayou City Event Center before your arrival to prom.

9.   All vehicles must be valet parked. Your keys will be left with the valet.

Please tip the valet person.  Valet amount is included in your prom ticket price.

10.  After-prom is NOT a lock-in!!! You may leave at anytime, but you may not come back. 

11. You may NOT go to your car to get things until you are ready to leave. 


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