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Results of the Second HISD UIL Elementary School Academic Tournament of 2012-2013!

November 3, 2012: Twelve Elementary Schools! 455 students registered to compete! Never in the history of HISD UIL Academics had such a large elementary academic tournament taken place. And Kolter Elementary was up to challenge and served as a great host campus for a second year. Such a large tournament also could not have been a success without the diligence and hard work of all the teachers, volunteers, parents, judges, chaperones, maintenance staff, and students!

Attending the second UIL Elementary School Academic Tournament of 2012-2013 were: Almeda, Bastian, Briscoe, Cornelius, DeChaumes, Horn, Law, Kolter, Travis, Twain, Whittier, and Windsor Village Elementary Schools.

Horn Elementary won First Place Sweepstakes, with Kolter Elementary coming in at a close second and winning Second Place Sweepstakes. Bastian Elementary won Third Place in Sweepstakes.

The individual results are as follows:

Finalists: Debahni Guerrero and Xavier Martinez – Whittier, and Zoe Chen – Horn
Third Place: Jeline Jabbour – Whittier
Second Place: Sophia Perepelitsa – Horn
First Place: Isabella Hsu - Horn

First Place Team: Horn Elementary School

Creative Writing
Finalists: Lisette Carranza – Almeda, Max Hsu – Horn, and Jesse Galvan – Travis
Third Place: Julianne Cruz – Kolter
Second Place: Amelia Perez – Travis
First Place: Annaka-Joy Brownk - Horn

Dictionary Skills
Finalists: Christian Martinez – Briscoe, Nallely Rodriguez – DeChaumes, and Rachel Illiev – Horn
Third Place: Kasidy Grant – Horn
Second Place: Colin How – Horn
First Place: Leigh Vo - Horn

First Place Team: Horn Elementary School

Impromptu Speaking – English
Finalists: Shirley Zhu and Annie Zhu – Twain, Cameron Chin and Sarika Koltha – Kolter, and
Suraj Pandit – Horn
Third Place: Michael Lewinbuk – Kolter
Second Place: Noura Jabir – Kolter
First Place: Amari Venzor - Cornelius

Impromptu Speaking – Spanish
Finalists: Odalis Sibirian, Alondra Castro, and Elizabeth Serrano – DeChaumes, Carolina Duran – Cornelius, and Aylin Bardales – Bastian
Third Place: Reyna Garcia – Bastian
Second Place: Toyo Gonzalez – Law
First Place: Christopher Alvarez - Cornelius

Listening Skills
Finalists: Jessica Pena – Cornelius, Isabella Estrada – DeChaumes, and Rachel Hecht – Twain
Tied for Third Place: Megan Harris – Horn, and Evan Palmer – Cornelius
Second Place: Ella Wisdom – Kolter
First Place: Liam Stripling - Kolter

First Place Team: Kolter Elementary School

Academic Success!

Maps, Graphs & Charts
Finalists: Rex Zhao and Cameron Sutton – Kolter, Julian Canales – Law, and Connor Larson – Horn
Third Place: Adam He – Kolter
Second Place: Shivam Pancholy – Horn
First Place: Reagan Kimzey - Horn

First Place Team: Horn Elementary School

Music Memory 3rd/4th Grade
Finalists: Marcus Bland – Cornelius, Madeline Hsu – Horn, and Jonah Webster – Travis
Third Place: Michelle He – Kolter
Second Place: Jacob Montelongo – Whittier
First Place: Sofia McGreger - Kolter

Music Memory 5th Grade
Finalists: Anthony Vidals – Windsor Village, Jeline Jabbour – Whittier, and Connor Larson – Horn
Third Place: Xavier Martinez – Whittier
Second Place: Virginia Falcone – Cornelius
First Place: Zoe Coker – Windsor Village

First Place Team: Windsor Village Elementary School

Number Sense
Finalists: Cameron Sutton – Kolter, Shirley Zhu and Annie Zhu – Twain, and Preston Jong – Horn
Third Place: Matthew Alter – Kolter
Second Place: Adam He – Kolter
First Place: Matthew Kalmans - Kolter

First Place Team: Kolter Elementary School

Oral Reading – English
Finalists: Kristen Castilleja – DeChaumes, Monet Pickings – Law, Sarah Sule – Cornelius, Jolee Levitin – Kolter, and Jasmine Rivers – Bastian
Third Place: Rachel Illiev – Horn
Second Place: Olivia Howard – Kolter
First Place: Donald Bankston - Bastian

Oral Reading – Spanish
Finalists: Alondra Castro and Odalis Sibrian – DeChaumes, Toyo Gonzalez and Anthony Velasquez – Law, and Aylin Bardales – Bastian
Third Place: Cynthia Gomez – Law
Second Place: Reyna Garcia – Bastian
First Place: Michel De La Cerda - Bastian

Public Speaking - K-2nd Grade
Finalists: Case Bennett, Lily Jordan, and Emma Norvell – Travis, Isabella Sule – Cornelius, Jaidan Guillory – Bastian, and Sir Tristan Young – Windsor Village
Third Place: Leyla Mendez – DeChaumes
Second Place: Samyiria Bassett – Bastian
First Place: Benjamin Joseph – Kolter

Public Speaking – 3rd-5th Grade
Finalists: Acquin Kulkarni and Nina Zhang – Horn, Michael Lewinbuk and Miles Goldstein – Kolter, and Marquis Moore – Windsor Village
Third Place: Amari Venzor – Cornelius
Second Place: Jacovia Young – Windsor Village
First Place: Donald Bankston – Bastian

Ready Writing – 3rd/4th Grade
Finalists: Teniya Brewer – Bastian, Shirley Zhu and Annie Zhu – Twain
Third Place: William Castillo – Twain
Second Place: Issac McDonald – Bastian
First Place: Michael McGlory – Almeda

Ready Writing – 5th Grade
Finalists: Matthew Alter – Kolter, Claire Claypool – Horn, and Mary Tesfaye – Law
Third Place: Audrey Germany – Kolter
Second Place: Christian Martinez – Briscoe
First Place: Adamia Hill – Law

Academic Excellence!

Social Studies
Finalists: Adam He and Cameron Sutton – Kolter, and Matthew Mackey – Travis
Third Place: Gene Groupon – Horn
Second Place: Reagan Kimzey – Horn
First Place: Sophia Perepelitsa - Horn

First Place Team: Horn Elementary School

Solo Acting – K-2nd Grade
Finalists: Marsden Finney and Molly Day – Travis, and Jaidan Guillory – Bastian
Third Place: Kyle Rendon – Cornelius
Second Place: Adrian Perez – Cornelius
First Place: Jase Schmalz – Horn

Solo Acting – 3rd-5th Grade
Finalists: Rock’ale Wilson – Cornelius, Mary Tesfaye – Law, Donald Bankston – Bastian, Avian Harris and Jolee Levitin – Kolter
Third Place: Lexi Roberts – Horn
Second Place: Matthew Alter – Kolter
First Place: Adam Remels – Kolter

Spelling – 3rd/4th Grade
Finalists: Acquin Kulkarni – Horn, Joey Georges – Kolter, and Katie Butler – Travis
Tied for Second Place: Leah-Mae Guttentag and Alex Xu – Kolter
First Place: Miles Mackenzie - Horn

Spelling – 5th Grade
Finalists: Julian Canales and Victor Foster – Law, Jeline Jabbour – Whittier, and Haylie Sims – Horn
Third Place: Ella Wisdom – Kolter
Tied for First Place: Edward Jin and Isabella Hsu - Horn

First Place Team: Horn Elementary School

Storytelling – English
Finalists: Jorge Galvan – DeChaumes, Diamond Wilson and Ahmaree Robinson – Bastian, Maia Vo – Horn, and Kyle Reandon – Cornelius
Third Place: Tiara Brown – Law
Second Place: Annaka-Joy Bronk – Horn
First Place: Marie Bradley – Travis

Storytelling – Spanish
Finalists: Jose Apreza and Angel Garcia – Bastian, and Sandra Castro – DeChaumes
Third Place: Jennifer Flores – DeChaumes
Second Place: Abril Lee – Almeda
First Place: Wanishi Avila - Law

HISD UIL Academics would like to especially thank Ms. Kim Thomas, Kolter Elementary School, for all of her valuable knowledge and assistance. She was the guiding force for everything we needed!