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Stevenson has earned 7-Star status from TEA by achieving a perfect 7 for 7 on "Distinction Designations". Stevenson also met standards on Student Achievement, Student Progress, Closing Performance Gaps, and Postsecondary Readiness! ONLY five HISD middle schools achieved this ranking. CONGRATULATIONS- WAY TO GO DRAGONS! FOR more information, click here!
NEW UNIFORM SHIRTS ARE IN!! Go to front office to purchase one for your child.

Our 6th grade Math team in conjunction with the Houston Texans are competing in the 'Texans Stat Challenge". Sixth graders at Stevenson will be doing weekly activities with the Texans' game statistics. At the end of the contest, classes will write an essay about the program. Top 10 chosen essays will win tickets to one of the Texans football game. Teachers here are (front)-Monika Villarreal, (left)- Emily Garcia, (right)- Charmaine Tennis, and (back)- Tina Roberts. Wish them luck!!

 Teachers- (Front)- Ms. Villerreal, (right)- Ms. Tennis, (left)- Ms. Garcia, (back)- Ms. Roberts in the Texans Stats Challenge

Our visit from our new superintendent - Mr. Carranza-

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  • HISD BOARD Recognizes J.J. Watt Grant to Stevenson Middle School

    Watch the HISD Board recognition of J.J. Watt Fund's donation to Stevenson Middle School online at the HISD board meeting on 3-10-16. Skipp the board meeting to around 5:30 minutes - 12 minutes under recognition(s).

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  • PRAISE NOTES!! Write your friends a Praise Note

    Write your teachers or friends a "PRAISE NOTE"! CATCH them doing something right! An email will be sent to Mr. VanTilburg who will announce it during the morning announcements and put them on our TV's in the front office and cafeteria. RULES- All praise notes must be real- no fakes- names will be checked for accuracy. IP addresses (your computers address) can be traced if you include profanity or if they are inappropriate . BE VERY PRECISE- ACCURATE!! Tell exactly why you are praising your friend or teacher. Fill out the form exactly as you see it.

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