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2012 Houston Schools Bond

Welcome to Waltrip High School

S. P. Waltrip High School, staff and community is committed to preparing, motivating and stimulating all students in academic, social, and vocational skills and knowledge providing them with the ability to be successful lifelong learners.   Additionally we are committed to providing a positive and supportive environment in order to enhance personal growth and self esteem. To insure this, we will engage on on-going evaluation and be accountable for continuous improvement.

 Dear RAM Family,

         School start time will be 7:50, so please start planning now to ensure timely arrival daily. In addition, tutorials/accelerated education will be built-in daily for all students within the school day to value student and family time outside the school day and weekends. We want to enable all students to not only progress on grade level, but also support each student to increase his/her competiveness for college and/or career readiness with the daily time allotted for on-campus student support. The dress code will be as follows, Monday thru Friday:
         Collared shirt (appropriate fit, NOT revealing) or Waltrip spirit shirt, Blue jeans (NOT ripped, bleached, nor colors), solid khaki - pants, capris, or knee-length shorts (must touch/reach knee) Solid hoody or Waltrip hoody allowed
         Please recognize that we are expanding dress code to increase expectations for appropriate young adult dress. Inappropriate dress will be addressed by administration, so please ensure a young professional application is used when buying school clothes.

Thank you in advance for your support !

Principal Schur


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