• Field Day 5.20.14
  • Technology & GT Fair 5.15.14
    Students displayed their learning through technology.  Students created iMovies, Vimeo's, Prezzi, PowerPoints and websites.   
  • Toro the Texan STAAR Rally 4.16.14
    Toro, the Texan's mascot, stopped by Herrera get the students excited for next week's STAAR test.  
  • Bilingual Spelling Bee 4.11.14
    Students participated in the bilingual spelling bee on Thursday.  Students were required to spell a word in Spanish and also in English.  This was a great opportunity for our students to show their mastery of two languages.  Congratulations to our winners!!
    First Place:         Rosy P. in Mr. Reyes' class
    Second Place:    Hanna G. in Mrs. Perez's class
    Third Place:        Ruben Posadas in Ms. Camarena's class 
  • Jump Rope for Heart 4.9.14
    Students participated in Jump Rope for Heart Day.  They learned the importance of being active and keeping a healthy heart all while raising money for the American Heart Association. Thank you Coach Ovalle for organizing this event for our students. 
  • Perfect Attendance Reward 3.26.14
    Students who had perfect attendance since February 17th until March 24th received a special treat, a visit from Clutch of the Houston Rockets.  Students learned about he importance of taking pride in themselves and the work they do everyday.  They did motivational cheers and several lucky students even won free t-shirts and stickers.   
  • International Festival 3.14.14
    Students, parents and teachers worked together to organize our International Festival.  Hallways were decorated to recreate wonders from all over the world.  Students presented to their fellow students on what they learned about their country.  We even had performances, dancers from Nepal and Justin B made an appearance for Canada.  
  • Talent Show 3.14.14
    Students performed in our 3rd Annual Talent Show.  There was singing, dancing and even belly dancing.  Thank you to all of our talented students.  
  • Oscar the Bully 3.13.15
    3rd - 5th grade students watched and participated in the Alley Theater's production of Oscar the Bully.  Students learned about the many sides of bullying and what steps they could do to prevent it, and report it.  Thank you Alley Theater and Ms. McDowell for organizing this for our students. 
  • Family Math and Science Expo 3.12.14
    Families participated in our Math and Science Expo.  Students did fun math and science activities and learned how they use math in everyday activities.  Thank you Ms. Nickerson for organizing this event.  Thank you for all of our teacher and parent volunteers and everyone who attended.   
  • 1st Grade Fund Raiser 3.3.14  
    1st grade students collected pennies to fund raise for clean water for India.  Students collected and deposited $1000 in pennies for CharityWater.Org   1st grade learned about the struggles of finding clean water around the world as part of their IB unit.  
  • Go Texan Day 2.28.14
    Students showed their Houston Rodeo pride by dressing up for Go Texan Day!   
  • 4th Grade Wax Museum 2.21.14
    4th graders presented to the school about famous figures in African-American history to celebrate Black History Month.  There were artists, authors, musicians, athletes, politicians and inventors.   
  • 5th Grade Vocabulary Parade 2.19.14
    5th Graders showed off their new vocabulary.  They dressed the part of their vocabulary word, explaining the meaning and giving a visual.  Great job 5th grade students and teachers! 
  • PALS 2.13.14
    Herrera is starting a PAL program.  Students are paired up to have a buddy in the school.  Students learn about caring, understanding and patience.   Thank you Ms. Mogro, Ms. Daley and Ms. Gutierrez for organizing this program.  
  • Board Member Appreciation Luncheon 1.22.14
    Herrera Elementary School celebrated National Board Member Appreciation Month by inviting our Board Representative, Anna Eastman to our library where several of our talented clubs performed for her.  Thank you Ms. Eastman for your support of our students and our school. 
  • PTO Family Craft Day 1.17.14
    PTO held their monthly family day.  Families created winter themed crafts to celebrate the new year.  Join us next month for the next Family Day.  
  • Pancho Claus 1.10.13
     Pancho Claus surprised Herrera students with a visit for Three Kings Day.  Thank you Pancho Claus!
  • Nerd Herd 2 12.19.13
    Students performed the Nerd Herd 2.  There was singing, dancing and a lot of laughs.  Thank you to everyone who helped put this together, students, faculty and parents.  Thank you Ms. Robinson!!! 
  • Elves and More 12.14.13
    Herrera K - 2nd grade students had the chance to earn a bike by meeting their reading and attendance goals.  485 bikes were distributed to our students.  Thank you Elves & More and Ms. McDowell for organizing this for our students.   
  • PK - 2nd Holiday Program 12.12.13
    Our PK - 2nd grade students performed to get in the Holiday spirit.  Thank you Ms. Robinson for organizing this for our students.   
  • PK Thanksgiving 11.19.13
    PK celebrated Thanksgiving with their annual Thanksgiving luncheon. Thank you PK teachers and PK parents for organizing this for our students.   
  • Literacy Night 11.21.13
    Parents and students participated in literacy night by Literacy Advance.  Students received a free book to take home and parents learned some helpful tips to incorporate reading in the home.  Thank you Ms. McDowell and Literacy Advance for organizing this for our families.  
  • Marathon Kids Kick Off 10.26.13
    Herrera students and families participated in the Marathon Kids Kick Off 26.2 Mile Challenge.  Students are on a journey to a healthier lifestyle by committing to walk 26.2 miles and meet the nutrition  challenge.   Thank you families for supporting our students in this quest.
  • Fall Festival 10.19.13
    The Herrera community came out for a wonderful fall festival on a beautiful day.   There were rides, games and plenty of food.  Thank you PTO for organizing this event for our community.   
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