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Ms. Maribel Diaz

Hi welcome to my Pre-AP Biology or Anatomy course! I have been an East Early college teacher for 4 years and excited about this upcoming school year. I graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso with a bachelors in Biological Sciences and a minor in Environmental Science. My current interests include travel, hiking, climbing, camping, gardening and yoga just to name a few. I am the sponsor of the garden/cooking/yoga club and also the co-sponsor of the class of 2020. 

  • About course(s) taught:

    Biology is the study of living organisms, their origins, how they survive, reproduce, change over time, and interact with each other and their environments. The Pre-AP Biology curriculum is an introductory course taught in two semesters of high school.  The Pre-AP course places a higher priority on developing critical thinking skills by examining real world problems. The Pre-AP curriculum examines topics with more depth and includes more advanced resource material in addition to the adopted text. In labs are more sophisticated than in the regular curriculum and students are expected to design and carry out experiments using appropriate methods and resources. This course is also STAAR/EOC tested and the exam and course must be passed to graduate high school.


    Anatomy and Physiology serves as a fourth year science course that introduces students to the intricacies of the human body in health and disease. Emphasis is on interrelationships among systems and regulation of physiological functions involved in maintaining homeostasis. This introduction course allows for the application of basic science concepts and facilitates the development and enhancement of problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. A & P provides a hands-on, laboratory-based class where you will study major systems of the body, health, nutrition, disease, and explore career opportunities in health care.