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    A little about me... My name is Justin Lasiewicz. I've been working at Milby High School since 2017. It is an amazing school! With amazingly talented students.


    My education is in Electrical Engineering. I've worked as an Electrical Engineer, as a Field Service Engineer, and even as a Sales Engineer. Great time, and yet, I wanted more... And that more, I realized, was in teaching mathematics. It's so rewarding to help our students overcome the challenge and discover the answer to the question they are working. So cool!

    Feel free to stop by and say "hello" :)

  • Course Syllabus


    Email:                    Justin.Lasiewicz@HoustonISD.org



    • Attend Class
    • Try Your Best
    • Respect Failure and then Try Again
    • Respect the Opinions of Others


    What is Math About:      This course is designed to introduce the concept of Proof and Constructions, as well as reinforcing Algebraic Thinking. Additionally, math is:

    •  Understanding the Problem
    • Making a Mathematical Model
    • Doing the Algebraic and Numerical Computations
    • Interpreting the Results.


    Most of our education in mathematics has focused on number three (#3), but really that’s what computers do best; instead, we should be approaching each aspect and practicing each aspect.



    • Pen or Pencil
    • Notebook
    • Compass (Optional)
    • Protractor (Optional)
    • Ruler (Optional)
    • Calculator (Optional)


    Class Sequence:

    • Warm Up: Arithmetic / Pre-Algebra / Algebra Practice
    • Drawing Prompt or Reading Prompt with Response
    • Euclid’s Proposition for the Day
    • Lesson with Group Practice
    • Individual Practice from Lesson
    • Khan Academy and/or Project Work Time
    • Exit Ticket / Written Reflection



    • Homework counts for 10%
    • Quizzes count for 15%
    • Tests count for 30%
    • Classwork counts for 45%


    Classroom Roles:              If you hold a classroom role 5% will be added to your Cycle for successfully completing and holding your job for the duration of the cycle. Classroom roles include:

    Telephone Answerer

    Sergeant of the Compasses

    Lieutenant of the Time Clock

    Commander of the Calculators

    Class Captain


    Khan Academy:

    Online learning is important and as such we’ll be using Khan Academy. This is a free online resources that also awards mastery points. These points we will track and place on our “Khan Academy Challenge” poster. The top three scores from each class will receive an additional 5% on their cycle grade.


    Project Based Learning:

    Working on projects is a way to dive deeper into our learning. There will be one project per group for the semester. There is a choice of projects: 

    • Creating a YouTube Video series (3 or more videos of a topic from class)
    • Design Your Own House (creating layout drawings with dimensions)
    • Origami Teaching Lesson (choose one from the book Project Origami)


    Absences:           If you are absent from class, it is your responsibility to catch up on work that was missed. All information will be posted on the HUB each day.


    Questions:          If you have any questions concerning the course, your grade, homework, or the project please do not hesitate to email or visit me in person.


    Office Hours:

    • Tuesday 4 pm - 5 pm
    • Thursday 4 pm - 5 pm
    • Additionally, as needed, please come talk to schedule a time.