• SY 2022-23 Perkins Requisitions

    Fund Your Program

    Learn about Perkins funding and how to request funds for CTE programming on your campus.

    The purpose of the Carl D. Perkins grant is to develop the academic, career, and technical skills of secondary education students who enroll in CTE programs. Our district goals, to meet the provisions of the grant, include:

    • integrating academics with CTE programs using a coherent sequence of courses
    • linking CTE at the secondary and postsecondary levels
    • providing students with strong experience in and understanding of all aspects of an industry
    • developing, improving, or expanding the use of technology in CTE programs
    • initiating, improving, expanding, and modernizing quality CTE programs, including relevant technology
    • providing services and activities that are of sufficient size, scope, and quality to be effective
    • providing activities to prepare special populations for high-skill, high-wage, or high-demand occupations that will lead to self-sufficiency


    Perkins Requisition Process Timeline

    • September 26: CTE administrators will receive a link to Perkins Requisition application via email. The link will also be posted on the Career Readiness website. 
    • October 14: Last day to submit Perkins requisitions through the online form. *Requisitions must be submitted through the online form (linked at the bottom of this page) by the campus CTE administrator. A single form should be used for all campus CTE programs. Only one entry will be accepted from a single campus. 
    • October 17-October 28: CTE Department reviews all Requisitions received **(Due to the high volume of applications the review period may be extended). 
    • October 31-November 11: Career Readiness Department notifies campuses of approvals/denials.
    • October 19-November 11: Career Readiness Department places order through the procurement department.
    • November – December: Campuses start receiving orders. (Myriad factors can delay delivery of the equipment items). The campus CTE administrator will notify the campus front office to expect and receive items. Once the campus receives items, the CTE administrator or his/her designee will verify the order has been received and submit packing slips via email to the CTE senior specialist supporting the campus and Christal Frelow (CFRELOW@houstonisd.org).


    Allowable purchases

    Please note that the Career Readiness department works diligently in trying to fulfill all of your requests to enhance your programs. However, please know that the Career Readiness department is obligated to meet the grant and district parameters when approving your requests. Not all items will be available for purchase and not all vendors meet the district’s policy.

    The following items are not allowed for purchase using Perkins funds:

    • Consumables. Consumables are intended to be used up and then replaced. Examples include paper, ink, CO2 cartridges, replacement batteries, toner, and replacement printer cartridges.
    • Furniture
    • Vehicles, trailers, and mowers

    Please keep this in mind when requesting items such as printers. The campus will be responsible for purchasing any toner, paper, and other consumables that may go along with these items.


    How to use the Procurement website to find approved vendors

    approved vendor


    Submitting a Quote:

    • A quote from a vendor provides the estimated cost for a particular piece of equipment or service.
    • Call or email the vendor and request a written quote with HISD pricing for the specific items you would like.
    • HISD has contract pricing which is not found on websites and in catalogs. For this reason, you will need to contact vendors to get HISD special pricing via a quote.

    These examples are NOT Quotes:

    Shopping cart screen shot:

    shopping cart


    Hand written order form:
    hand-written order form

    Perkins Requisition Form

    When you have completed identifying the items needed for your campus CTE programs, click on the online Perkins Request Form below to fill out and submit your request:

    perkins request form