•                                                                   Jake Bracher

    JakeSchool E-Mail Address: jake.bracher@houstonisd.org
    I Teach: Chemistry, AP Environmental Science
    Bio: I graduated from Texas A&M in 2015 with a degree in biomedical sciences and this is my
    3rd year teaching. After graduating from A&M, I began working for a genetics company in
    Houston and a year later moved to Chicago to work for a large science company. After a year in
    Chicago was able to quit my “job” and travel and do music for a year and a half until I ran into
    health issues. I had been a substitute teacher as a side job in college and had always loved the
    idea of teaching Chemistry, so I decided to become a teacher. I look forward to teaching my
    students about the scientific wonders that make life possible and also challenging my
    Environmental Science AP students to think critically about the problem our Earth faces today.
    A-Day Conference Period: 2:10pm - 3:40pm
    B-Day Conference Period: 12:35pm - 2:05pm