• Chemistry is one of the most exciting classes in high school. You will be challenged. You will work hard. You will work with new people. I hope, you will make new friends. You will learn to solve problems in many different ways. You will learn to look at the world through a different lens. At the end of the school year, you will be smarter! You will know how to plan, work hard, be reflective, be motivated, and have fun. Make sure to open your brain and push yourself to be the best you can be. Aim high! believe in yourself! Let's have a worderful and successful school year!

    Course Description and Objective

    This chemistry course helps students acquire the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the classroom and beyond. Its emphasis is equally divided between developing a conceptual understanding of the major topics of chemistry and developing problem solving skills in those topic areas. Basic algebra and problem solving skills will be used extensively throughout the year. Emphasis will be placed on understanding the theories at hand and identifying them in everyday life. A laboratory component accompanies the classroom element in the course. Students will be expected to undertake and report on laboratory projects related to the topics in the class. The student will demonstrate proficiency typical of a first year chemistry course on the following topics:
    1. The history of chemistry
    2. The nature and practice of chemistry
    3. Applications and uses of chemistry
    4. The implications of chemistry for society and the environment
    5. Current issues, research and developments in chemistry
    6. Atomic structure, the periodic table and bonding
    7. Energy
    8. Chemical reactions, including acid/base reactions and chemical equilibrium
    9. Carbon chemistry
    10. Stoichiometry.


    Class time will be divided between lectures/demonstrations, discussions, and problem solving format. The lecture/demonstration and discussion format will be used to introduce new topic areas and clarify the theory needed to master them. The problem solving format will lead itself to the practical and classic application of the theory. Students will be expected to solve complex problems as a routine part of the course homework. Students will also be required to conduct laboratory exercises each week.



    Respect is the basic premise for all behavior in the classroom. Respect yourself.  Respect others. Respect school property and personal property.  

    Asking questions

    The smartest people I know are not afraid to ask questions in class.  So, be smart and ask! It is wise to seek help sooner than later, especially if you are struggling with understanding concepts and/or solving problems!

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