• Homework:
     Class, by now you know for sure we're learning so many things in class, it may look chaotic to you so please refer to the 6th grade syllabus to refresh your planning. While there is no *formal* homework in class notice how almost everything we do in class can be done at home. (So yeah, IT IS homework). It really does pay off for you to be using technology and computers in particular, all the time.
    Knowledge that will be helpful to you (Yeah again it sounds like homework)
    1) Web pages/Websites - Not only how to use one but also to MAKE one.
    2) Hardware and Software - Take advantage of your natural curiosity by trying to figure out how things work. Experiment. Ask everyone. Join appropriate groups. There's  also fun in the satisfaction of a job well done and knowledge won. Don't forget about safety though.
    3) Share with your friends !
     Teacher Note (August 2019)
       - Google Classroom will still be your primary means of turning in work
     Teacher Note (August 2018)
       - Starting this year check out your 6th grade Google Classroom cluster for your list of homework for every class
       - Many exercises we have in class can STILL be done at home :)
     Teacher Note (August 2016,2017)
       -  Many exercises we have in class can be done at home specially programming. (Yay!)

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