• T.H Rogers School: PreAP/GT 6th Grade World Cultures

    Course Syllabus


    Instructor: Mr. Ghorbanian                           Email: sghorba1@houstonisd.org

    COURSE DESCRIPTION: The sixth graders participate in a world cultures course. The course begins with a unit on geography. The remainder of the year focuses on studying the history, economics, government, environment, and cultures of the seven continents. Basic social study skills are integrated with historical content throughout the year. Students will ultimately learn how to read and write historically. The course is a PreAP course that seeks to practice historical thinking skills that will be utilized this year and in future PreAP and AP courses.

    TEXTBOOK: World Cultures and Geography TX Edition: National Geographic 

    -       Each student will use this textbook in class and possibly online in order to build a foundation of geography skills and information. 

    GRADING POLICY:                                    











    1 class day late 

    minus 30 points on the assignment

    2 class days late

    minus 50 points on the assignment

    3 class days late

    The assignment will no longer be accepted and the student will receive a 1

    LATE WORK: Students will adhere to the  6th Grade late work policy:


    HOMEWORK: If you do not finish an assignment in class then it becomes homework. Homework is used to reinforce lessons and practice skills learned in class. Homework is due the following class day, unless it has been noted differently in class and on SchoolWires/School Website.


    Discipline & attendance policies will be enforced:

    1. Treat teachers and students with respect.
    2. Report to class on time with supplies.
    3. Take care of your personal needs during passing periods, lunch & before/after school.