• Carnegie Vanguard High School’s Green Con

    By: Claire Hardwick

                 Carnegie Vanguard High School’s JSA chapter recently joined forces with other local Houston JSA’ers to host Carnegie’s first ever chapter conference. The theme was GreenCon, and the day was filled with debates, thought talks, and special events all dealing with the idea of “being green” and what that entails. 

                At the beginning of the day, the JSA’ers had the privilege of listening to an interesting presentation by special guest speaker,Steve Stelzer, who is the Program Director at the Green Building Resource Center for the City of Houston.He introduced the statesmen to the various ways buildings and objects can be made greener. He also talked about energy conservation, and gave great book recommendations for further reading. 

                Throughout the rest of the day, Carnegie and Woodland Park College High School’s JSA members participated in debates, thought talks, crisis scenarios (which require participants to devise a solution to a certain crisis, whether serious or silly), and a new event: taboo debates, in which the speaker has a list of words that they cannot say during the debate and time is deducted for each slip up. The topics ranged from whether or not genetically modified organisms should be made illegal in the U.S., to what the human race should do if aliens were to make contact with the earth.  

               During Green Con, JSA’ershad the chance to meet new people, and to debate and discuss with one anoother the various “green” related topics.Carnegie’s Junior State chapter is looking forward to many more chapter conferences within the Gulf Coast Region.