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    What is Health?

    Health is more than the way a person looks or can perform on a physical activity.  It is the overall well being of a person physically and emotionally.  In the health lab, we learn about our bodies; the amazing systems that work together in order for us to be able to do the seemingly impossible tasks.  However, we go much further talking about external variables (nutrition, exercise, environment) that are introduced to our bodies that allow us to be and stay healthy.  In addition, we also explore how our emotional state plays a large part on our physical well being.

     This year we will be exploring how the health of our environment affects our personal health.  We will begin the year with Germs and Disease and move quickly into Environmental factors (beginning with air).  Each of our grades focuses within their regular classrooms on a different unit of learning from Baylor College of Medicine (www.bioedonline.org). In the health lab, we will continue the classroom learning with extensions. 
    We also focus on healthy communication both verbally and written.  A truly healthy communicator will be able to step up and overcome any academic and career challenges that come their way. 
     Elrod Elementary will be using the Baylor College of Medicine Elementary Curriculum to help our students focus and increase their knowledge of Science and Health in both their classrooms and in the Health Lab. If you visited during our Magnet Fair in the spring of 2016, you saw some remarkable projects done by all of the students of our school.  These projects were direct results of our Magnet Program!  Partners of our Magnet Program were very impressed with not only the students' understanding of complex units of study, but also with the maturity of the written communication presented in their projects.
    Below are some examples of events on campus from past years.  I look forward to seeing our students and making more memories through our learning!

    My Stupeflix Video from Heather Smith on Vimeo.


    2017 Magnet Project 5th Grade Finalists


    2017 Magnet Project Finalists from Heather Smith on Vimeo.

    Past Videos 

    Bacteria and Fungi from Heather Smith on Vimeo.


    Microbes: Part 1 from Heather Smith on Vimeo.


    Elrod Elementary Red Ribbon Week 2014Poster Contest from Heather Smith on Vimeo.


    Red Ribbon Week 2014Classroom Door Contest from Heather Smith on Vimeo.

    For past videos, please visit my Vimeo page!
     Winners of the Red Ribbon Week Writing Contest
      Above are the winners of the Red Ribbon Week Writing Contest!  Congratulations winners!




  • Mission Statement


     Our mission is to foster socially responsible, compassionate global leaders who are creative problem solvers with high academic performance, while providing opportunities for students to explore health and medical services.