• Barrera

    Mr. Carlos Barrera


    Educational Background

    Bachelor of Science
    College of Marine Biology
    Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano
    Bogotá, Colombia, 1988

    Certification for Bilingual Education Grades 1-8
    College of Education
    Texas Southern University
    Houston, TX. 2002


    Educational Philosophy

    I believe that education, more than a profession or an occupation, is a vocation. More than science and technology, education is an art that should be done with passion. Science tells us that every individual is different in his/her process of learning; technology provides us visual, auditory, kinesthetic, interpersonal, and engaging activities, but our hearth tells us to do what it is right, no matter the consequences. I try to enhance critical thinking, provide the basic skills of elementary education, and teach social responsibility, respect for human dignity, cultural acceptance and coexistence, and coherence among thinking, speaking, and doing.


    Student Expectations

    ·    Be nice and work hard.

    ·    Never give up.

    ·    Ask questions, mainly if you do not understand.

    ·    Do your best and strive for excellence.

    ·    Pay attention and follow directions.

    ·    Read for 30 minutes daily and get AR points.

    Parent expectations

    ·    Check and sign agenda daily.

    ·    Make sure homework is done and pencils sharpened.

    ·    Motivate students with joy for learning.

    ·    Listen to student’s 30-minute reading.

    ·    Send or take students to school on time


    Conference Period

    Please, call the office or e-mail me to set up a parent-teacher conference, Monday through Friday, 8:20 to 9:10.


    Student Words of Encouragement

    You can be the best that you can be, and our community is counting on the great things you can do. Let us have fun learning and reach the highest expectations life has to offer. You can make this a much better word. It only takes a little of your willingness. Yes, you can!

    This is good place to have fun learning (better if you sign up for an account):


    Also in Spanish:



    Students have username and password to use at:




    Mission Statement

    At Elrod, our mission is to promote a culture of college-career readiness and high academic expectations for above grade level performance in a safe and nurturing environment that also promotes the health and medical sciences.

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