No Place For Hate at West U

  • GoalsNo Place For Hate Anti-Defamation League

            •  Integrate diversity and anti-bias education into the curriculum.
            •  Create an inclusive school environment where students feel valued
            • Promote respect for individual difference
            • Challenge prejudice
    Each year West U students participate in three school wide projects sponsored by our No Place For Hate student coalition. The projects encourage students to be tolerant, accept others and to be inclusive.  Our first activity is the Resolution of Respect. In the resolution the students promise to be fair, to be kind to everyone and to help make sure everyone is feeling happy and safe at school.  They also agree to stop any bullying both by standing up for others and by asking adults for help when needed.  Many parents signed our parent version of the Resolution at our open house.

    Criteria for NPFH project:
    • Address appreciating differences, respect, kindness toward others, and/or anti-bully efforts on campus.
    • Are school-wide. ALL students have the opportunity to participate in ALL three activities.
    • Are age appropriate.
    • Occur throughout the entire school year. (One in the fall, one in the winter and one in the spring.)
    • Focus on and relate to issues occurring on the campus. (e.g. bullying, name-calling, exclusion, etc.)
    • Are documented. (samples of students’ work, photos, flyers, videos, etc.)
    The Coalition for NPFH
    The Student Coalition for NPFH is made up of  students and parents. Students are chosen by their homeroom teachers based on their leadership qualities. Parents and teachers are an important part of the coalition. Each year the Coalition  chooses three school wide programs to promote the goals of the NPFH Program.   Programs are school wide, all students can get involved.
    Parents wishing to become part of the coalition may contact Ms. Bradshaw.