• We are excited about our connection with Balfour this year to create a wonderful yearbook! Now is the time to order to ensure that you reserve your book!
    How do I purchase a yearbook?
    You can order a 2017-2018 Frank Black Middle School Yearbook online directly from the Balfour website:                               
      • Go to www.balfour.org
      • Search "  Frank Black Middle School"
      • Click on the yearbook icon at the top of the page 
    How much does it cost to purchase a yearbook? 
    The Early Bird cost of the yearbook is $30 dollars, the cost will go up starting October 1st..  When purchasing the yearbook online, you have the option to purchase additional autograph pages, yearbook covers, dedication pages and more.
    Will yearbooks be on sale every day after school?  
    Currently, yearbooks are only sold online.  Pending dates to follow for yearbook sales during lunch.
    Can I purchase a special dedication page?
    Dedication pages can be purchased in two different sizes on the Balfour website. Dedicate a page to your 8th grade student who is getting ready to head to high school, celebrate a great first year for your 6th grade student, or highlight the success of your 7th grade student.  Dedication pages can be designed directly on the Balfour website under Frank Black Middle School.
    When is the last day to purchase a yearbook?
    Yearbook number orders will be turned in the middle of January. The cut off for ordering yearbooks online is TBD.  Any book requested after this date will be sold on a first come first serve basis.  It is better to pre-order your yearbook to ensure that you have one reserved.  
    When can I expect the Yearbook to arrive?
    Though yearbook orders are placed now, it takes time to process and put the books together.  Students can expect to receive their purchased yearbooks prior to the school's release for summer at the end of May.