• The curriculum at the Young Women's College Preparatory Academy is enhanced by access to the latest technology and experienced, AP-trained teachers, the majority of whom hold advanced degrees. Through the use of school-issued laptop computers, our students receive the opportunity and encouragement to become global thinkers with 21st century skills. Our valuable partnerships with the Young Women’s Preparatory Network, Texas Wall Street Women, and key universities throughout the city afford us the support needed to provide the quality of education that our students deserve.

    Young Women’s College Preparatory Academy requires high standards of achievement. All core coursework is Pre-Advanced Placement or Advanced Placement. Below is a sample course track.

    Grades 6-8

    • Pre-AP English
    • Pre-AP Math (Pre-AP Algebra in grade 8)
    • Pre-AP Science
    • Pre-AP Social Studies
    • Choice of Electives
    • PE (Two years from 6-8)
    • Foreign Language

    Grade 9

    • Pre-AP English I
    • Pre-AP Geometry
    • Pre-AP Biology
    • AP Human Geography
    • Choice of Electives
    • PE
    • Foreign Language

    Grade 10

    • Pre-AP English II
    • Pre-AP Algebra II
    • Pre-AP Chemistry
    • AP World History
    • Pre-AP Computer Science
    • Choice of Electives
    • Foreign Language

    Grade 11

    • AP English Language
    • Pre-AP Calculus
    • Pre-AP Physics
    • AP U.S. History
    • AP Computer Science
    • Choice of Electives
    • Foreign Language

    Grade 12

    • AP English Literature
    • AP Calculus
    • AP Biology/Physics/Chemistry
    • AP U.S. Government/AP Economics

    • Grade 12 electives cont'd.
    • Choice of Electives
    • Foreign Language



    Various sports and fine arts electives will be offered at all grade levels. Required state electives, Speech and Health will be offered from grades 9-12.


    Students will be able to earn AP and college credit at the same time in several classes.


    All students will be required to take College Board exams for all AP courses taken.


    All Young Women's College Preparatory Academy students will enroll in the courses necessary to complete the curriculum requirements for the Distinguished Achievement High School Program.