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  • Graduation Day - August 7, 2014

    Posted by Futures Academy on 8/8/2014
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  • Recent Scarborough HS graduate returns to classroom as an IT contractor

    Posted by HISD Communications on 5/2/2014
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  • Christian Guzman, Futures Academy of Manufacturing Engineering Technology @ Washington

    Posted by Futures Academy on 7/2/2013

    Christian Guzman Christian Guzman wants to build his future on the love of math, science and engineering. Most educational research indicates that middle school is the time that many students disengage from math and science and never regain their interest. This disengagement has a detrimental effect on their later schooling and career choices. Christian's middle school experience had just the opposite effect.

    Christian has just completed his junior year of high school and is enrolled in the >Futures Academy of Manufacturing Engineering Technology @ Washington. He beams with excitement when asked about the program and the sparks that set him on his current trajectory.

    "My interest in math and science developed at Hogg Middle School!" says Christian. The school had an outstanding Robotics program that ignited a passion for creating and building robots of all sizes. He is still very proud of their accomplishments at Hogg. The team was so exceptional that special concession was made to allow them to compete at the high school level across the city.

    Christian has served as Team Leader of the pneumatic controller robotics group at Washington and does volunteer work with younger kids that are also interested robotics. He is a straight-A student and has completed 14 hours of credit towards an Associate of Applied of Science Degree at HCC. After graduating from HISD and HCC, he plans to pursue a Mechanical Engineering degree at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

    “I consider myself to be very intelligent and like to challenge myself to take as many AP and college courses as possible”, says Christian. Christian has high ambitions for the future. One of his goals is to be the first in his family to obtain post-secondary graduate degree. “I’ve always worked with my father in fine furniture on pieces for people that live in houses a large as shopping malls. My dream is to one day be the person that lives in one of those houses.”

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  • Jerry Simon, Futures Academy of Network and Computer Administration

    Posted by Futures Academy on 6/19/2013

    Jerry Simon Jerry Simon loves to tinker with machines! According to his own description, Jerry started out with very little when he and his family arrived in Houston three years ago. He did not understand what he wanted from life, lacked direction and did not consider himself to be a very good student. He was failing his classes and was a potential candidate for drop-out.

    That was all before the >FUTURES Academy of Network and Computer Administration at Scarborough change his life! With a strong determination to succeed in the program, Jerry is motivated and loves his classes. Jerry credits the support from his teachers and parents with his turn-around in attitude and grades. Getting a free college education in a nurturing environment has been life-changing for him.

    Jerry maintains a 3.2 GPA in his college courses from Houston Community College (HCC). He has completed 16 hours toward an Associate of Applied Science degree and plans to continue his education upon graduation at Rice University, University of Las Vegas or MIT. He would like to obtain a Mechanical Engineering Degree and afterward join the US Navy. The >FUTURES Academy will certainly provide an excellent start and a competitive advantage for him upon leaving the care of HISD.

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  • Katherine Hernandez, Futures Academy of Network and Computer Administration

    Posted by Futures Academy on 6/17/2013

    Katherine Hernandez Katherine Hernandez is a junior at Scarborough High School. She thinks of herself as an overachiever when it comes to academics. She says that she understands how the GPA figures into an overall computation that determines acceptance to college. Katherine is currently enrolled in the Futures Academy of Network and Computer Administration at Scarborough and working towards an Associate of Science degree From Houston Community College (HCC). She as earned 20 hours of college credit towards that degree, while maintaining a 4.0 GPA in the dual-credit courses.

    When she graduates from high school and HCC at the end of 12th grade, Katherine plans to continue her studies and has narrowed the choices to Texas A&M and Mary Hardin-Baylor. The two universities offer very strong programs in Psychology and she is drawn to Baylor for its strong Christian affiliation and standards.

    Katherine enjoys studying people, their behaviors, and reactions to one another. She has decided to focus her keen interest in human behavior towards additional study and an advanced degree in Psychology.

    Katherine's parents have been very supportive and involved with her success. She heard about the Futures Academy from a friend at the school and decided that it would provide a strong foundation in college and career readiness. The college-level classes have been very challenging, but she has enjoyed the hard work.

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  • Stephen Moten, Futures Academy of Chemical and Process Technology

    Posted by Futures Academy on 6/6/2013

    Stephen Moten Stephen Moten feels fortunate that school administrators made him aware of the Futures Academy Program and its promise of a college degree at no cost to his family. Paying for college was a worry for Stephen, who is being raised by his mom. He is a junior in the Futures Academy of Chemical and Process Technology at Kashmere High School. Entering the Futures Academy was a big decision that involved the entire family. Fortunately, everyone in Stephen's family has been very supportive and encouraging.

    Stephen's long term goal is to enter the US Air force as a pilot, then later pursue a career in paleontology. Stephen believes that the skills and knowledge gained from his experience in studying Chemical and Process Technology will be transferable to other industries. The methodical pursuit of quality processes will be of particular value in the field of paleontology. He points to the initial Safety course as the one which has most profoundly shaped the direction of his college studies. He is also quite fond of the Algebra and Chemistry courses.

    This determined young man has earned twenty-one hours of credit towards an AS while maintaining a 3.4 GPA in his college courses. He has mapped a strategic plan for achieving his goals and has been utilizing the district's deployment of Naviance to navigate his way through college and financial planning research.

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