English Language Arts: English I

    Instructor: Ms. Carter


    Phone #: 585-506-1247

    Location: Room 322


    Course Introduction:

    In English I, students will explore a variety of literary genres and writing styles.  While emphasis is placed on analytical techniques, students will also engage in meaningful communication for expressive, argumentative, and creative purposes. Students will engage in activities that build on their prior knowledge and skills in order to strengthen their reading, writing, and oral language skills.  In English I, students will:

    ·         Express reflections and reactions to literature and to personal experiences.

    ·         Read and write on a daily basis.

    ·         Evaluate communication and critique texts.

    ·         Read for a variety of purposes with multiple sources, both narrative and expository.

    ·         Participate in conversations about and written analysis of literary genres, elements, and traditions.

    ·         Use knowledge of language and standard grammatical conventions in order to better comprehend texts and enrich written work.

    ·         Learn how to use the oral and written conventions of the English language in speaking and writing

    ·         Explain meaning, describe processes, and answer research questions.


    The following items are mandatory to pass this course, and should be brought to class daily:

    ***Please have these supplies by Friday, August 29, 2014.


    -    Laptop (date required TBD)

    -    1 binder OR folder and 1 spiral notebook for mote-taking

    -    1 pencil and 1 pen (black/blue)

    -    class assigned reading book, and any other required assignments


    ***If this is a problem, see me individually ASAP so we can make other arrangements J



    Your grade for this course will be determined as follows:


    Homework 10%

    Classwork 35%

    Projects 35%

    Quizzes/Test 20%



    Late Work:

    Any assignment that is not turned in at the designated time is considered late, will not be accepted, resulting in a zero.


    Absences/Make-up work:

    Students are responsible for obtaining any missed assignments due to absences. If you are absent the day a major project or essay is due, you must turn it in the day your return to class. You will not be reminded. You will have one week to make up any classwork, tests, or quizzes you miss, or you will receive a zero. In cases of an extended or long-term absence, special arrangements will be made. It is your responsibility to contact me about missed work. Make up exams and quizzes are only administered after school.


    **Retests are only available for select assignments and MUST be completed within 1 week of receiving the original grade.


    Please be advised that you will also have quizzes, tests, projects and presentations throughout the course of the entire year.






    The participation grade includes not just your participation in class discussions and activities, but also your punctual attendance, your attention during class, and your completion of all work in a thorough and timely manner.




    Most of the learning in this class will take place in the classroom, so it is important that you be here. If you are here only in body but not in spirit -- if your attention is visibly on other things, or if you are asleep – you will not properly receive credit for the class.  I do realize that the first year of high school is a challenging one and that you may be juggling many responsibilities; if you need help organizing your schedule or staying on task, let me know!


    Lateness is not acceptable. If you are tardy, you will need a pass from your administrator.

    See your student handbook for details on our school’s Attendance/Lateness policy.


    Learning Environment Norms:


    1.      Be on time and prepared to work with proper assignments and materials

    2.      Treat others with courtesy and respect

    3.      Use positive language—no cursing or putdowns

    4.      Treat our classroom with respect and throw away your trash

    5.      Students will be given 4 restroom passes each semester

    6.      No cellphones


    Entering the Classroom:


    1.      I will be at the door every day to greet you. 

    2.      When you enter the room, you are to enter the room quietly and pick up your   packet/materials from the table at the back of the class, and turn in any work before the start of class.

    3.      Walk to your assigned seat and look to the board for instructions. You are expected to complete a DO NOW (silently) on most days. If there are other instructions it will be listed on the board.


    ** 15:15 Rule:  No student is allowed out of class during the first 15min or last 15min of class.



    Exiting the classroom:

    You are dismissed by me not the bell. You are to remain in your seat until I tell you to pack your things and dismiss you. Do not start putting away supplies early or while I’m talking; I will keep you later.


    Before exiting the room, remember to do the following:

    1.      Put away class assignments or unit work into the appropriate part of your binder

    2.      Return your journal to the shelf

    3.      Pass in any class work

    Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism:

    ACADEMIC DISHONESTY (e.g. talking/copying during test time, plagiarism of papers) WILL NOT BE TOLERATED AND WILL BE REPORTED TO THE APPROPRIATE ACADEMIC AUTHORITIES.  ANY EVIDENCE OF CHEATING OR PLAGIARISM WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE FAILURE OF THE ASSIGNMENT.  Plagiarism is the representation of the words or ideas of another as one's own in any academic exercise.  To avoid plagiarism, every direct quotation must be identified by quotation marks. 

    Please refer to http://www.indiana.edu/~wts/pamphlets/plagiarism.shtml for tips on identifying and avoiding plagiarism.




    EXTRA HELP/TUTORING is available after school. All you need to do is tell me you are coming for tutorials and I would be GLAD to accommodate you.  I am here to help you succeed and I have the highest expectations for your personal and academic success J



Last Modified on August 24, 2014