• General Rules:

    1)     You are required to be in class in compliance with all school regulations when the class begins.  This includes…

    -       being in your seat ready to work

    -       begin working on the “Do Now” activity when you enter the classroom (even if it is before the bell)

    -       be in uniform

    -       do not use technology without direction from the instructor

    2)     Be respectful, courteous, and kind toward the instructor and your classmates and their ideas.  Please use language that is appropriate for academic work at all times in the classroom.

    3)     Raise your hand and patiently wait your turn for acknowledgement from the class or the instructor.  If someone else is talking, you should be listening. 

    4)     There will be no bathroom breaks outside of emergencies.  It is up to the instructor to determine the severity of an “emergency”.

    5)     When working in groups, be on task at all times and encourage each other in your scholastic endeavor.

    6)     Make every attempt to have fun in this class.  Literature is about sharing common human experiences.  That is not to say that we all love everything that we read, but everything that we read teaches us about who we are.