• Alejandro "Alex" Mamontoff

    Technology Instructional Specialist
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    Alejandro "Alex" Mamontoff


    Mr. Mamontoff grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Tampa, Florida. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Geology from the University of South Florida, and A+ and Network+ Certifications from the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA). Mr. Mamontoff worked as a Geologist for 17 years, and as an Educator for the last 11. As a Geologist, Mr. Mamontoff specialized in numerical modeling and cleanup of groundwater contaminated sites in Florida and the Bahamas. As an Educator at Lee High School, Mr. Mamontoff helps teachers implement learning via the PowerUp HUB.
    Common teaching strategies implemented with technology include Project-Based Learning (PBL), blending, and flipping.

    Project Based Learning (PBL)

    Students work in teams to complete a project every two to four weeks. Students engage in research using the PowerUp laptops. Teachers hold daily workshops during class for students who need help with skills needed for the project. Each student presents his project orally using a variety of media, models, or demonstrations. If not all students in the team participate in the project, a student may be fired by their team, or the entire team fails. 


    The teacher includes the PowerUp HUB in daily activities, warm-up, do-nows, assignments, or quizzes. Motto: "Use the HUB every day but not all the time".


    Students learn the content before coming to class via online videos. Students work on content assignments during class. The teacher works with small groups of students to enhance skills. 

    “Carpe diem”
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