• Student Expectations


    Be considerate, courteous and respectful. Inappropriate behavior includes rudeness, back talk, swearing, name-calling, etc.

    Listen to and follow directions of: Teachers, administrators, custodians, secretaries, instructional assistants, substitutes, and other adults in authority.

    Follow classroom and school guidelines.

    Be on time and prepared for class

    Walk in an orderly manner on campus. Inappropriate behavior includes: running, yelling, pushing, shoving, interfering with the flow of traffic, congregating or moving around in large groups. 

    Keep hands, feet and objects to themselves. Inappropriate behavior includes: shoving, kicking, tripping, hitting, horseplay, play fighting and fighting

    Show respect for school property and the property of others. Inappropriate behavior includes: writing on or scratching school or other people’s property, or taking things without asking to borrow or use them.

    Bring problems and concerns to the attention of an adult: Inappropriate behavior includes: talking about others, spreading rumors or hearsay, confronting other students.

    No food, gum, or drink inside the classroom.


    Guideline #1

    Be in your assigned seat and working on the assigned “Do now” when the tardy bell rings.


    Guideline #2

    Bring ALL materials (pencil, notebook, laptop, etc.) to class and take them with you when you leave.


    Guideline #3

    Follow directions the first time they are given.


    Guideline #4

    Treat each person in this room with respect and dignity. 


    Guideline #5

    Follow all procedures and policies as outlined in the district handbooks.


    Special Guideline

    This classroom is a “No Whining Zone”.  That means that there will be no whining, for ANY reason.

    Everything that I do is in your best interest, so please respect the    “No Whining Zone” this semester.

Last Modified on August 11, 2014