• McGowen's School Dress Code


    When making your purchases for school clothes, please keep in mind the school dress code as stated below.  The school "lost and found" fills up very quickly with miscellaneous items such as lunch kits and jackets.  Please clearly label these items with your child’s name.


    Tops should be solid in color (gold, white, or navy blue) with no logos larger than 1" and no shirts that are sleeveless or torn. 


    Bottoms should be solid in color ( navy blue and khaki)  include pants, shorts,  jumpers, dress and skirts. Bottoms should be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee, while standing. All pants should be appropriately fitting with no under garments showing. Girls are to wear shorts under skirts and dresses.


    Shoes are to be rubber soled. Athletic (tennis) style shoes are recommended. Sandals, flip flops, platform shoes, shoes that 'turn into' roller skates, and "slip-on"shoes with no back are not safe for school wear and are not allowed. 
                  McGowen spirit, college, and club shirts with blue jeans are only worn on Fridays.
                  Students out of uniform will be sent to the office to contact a parent to bring in a change of clothes.