The Core Enrichment  


    The Core Enrichment team at Fondren encompasses the Fine Arts, Language Acquisition (formally Language B) and IB Design Technology Departments. These groups work seamlessly with Core Foundation teachers to provide students with a rich, expanded curriculum that reinforces key concepts while providing alternative viewpoints on traditional subject matter. 

    All students are required to earn International Baccalaureate credits each year in a foreign language, design and technology, and a performing art (currently music, theatre, or dance). These courses are in addition to their studies in literature, humanities, mathematics and physical education.  


    IB Design and Technology  

    Fondren’s Design and Technology curriculum teaches students to follow a process called the Design Cycle, which helps them answer questions that have real-world connections. Students learn basic computing skills and keyboarding techniques, while becoming proficient with Microsoft Office applications.

    Activities include the creation of word processing documents, spreadsheets, graphs and presentations. Our online textbook materials are tied directly to students’ core foundation curriculum, providing interdisciplinary support for those subjects. Students should expect to complete at least two IB projects each semester, while improving on their basic computer skills throughout the year.