• MBA Graduate Inspires 



    Manuel Rojas graduated from Davis in 2004. This Sunday, Manuel, 27, will participate in a commencement ceremony for UHD as one of the University’s first MBA graduates – and as a “father” figure and role model for his five siblings, whom he encouraged to follow in his footsteps to earn a college degree. 

    Hailing from an underprivileged Hispanic family with parents who accrued a fifth-grade education in Mexico, Rojas lacked the example of a successful, collegiate mentor to show him the way. At the age of 13, Rojas took time out from school to attend his older brother’s sentencing at the county jail. While his sibling, Angel, faced a 20-year sentence for a crime he committed, Rojas faced a daunting hurdle of his own – becoming a role model for his five siblings while still in middle school. More...