• Communication Applications Overview - TEKS 110.58
    "Understanding and developing skills in communication are fundamental to all other learning and to all levels of human interaction. For successful participation in professional and social life, students must develop effective communication skills. Rapidly expanding technologies and changing social and corporate systems demand that students send clear verbal messages, choose effective nonverbal behaviors, listen for desired results, and apply valid critical-thinking and problem-solving processes. Students enrolled in Communication Applications will be expected to identify, analyze, develop, and evaluate communication skills needed for professional and social success in interpersonal situations, group interactions, and personal and professional presentations."

    Debate Overview - TEKS 110.60
     "Controversial issues arise in aspects of personal, social public, and professional life in modern society. Debate and argumentation are widely used to make decisions and reduce conflict. Students who develop skills in argumentation and debate become interested in current issues, develop sound critical thinking, and sharpen communication skills. They acquire life-long skills for intelligently approaching controversial issues."
    Oral Interpretation Overview - TEKS 110.59 
    Literature and its presentation are integral to understanding the cultural aspects of a society. Students in Oral Interpretation I, II, III will select, research, analyze, adapt, interpret, and perform literary texts as a communication art. Students focus on intellectual, emotional, sensory, and aesthetic levels of texts to attempt to capture the entirety of the author's work. Individual or group performances of literature will be presented and evaluated."
    "Chapter 110. Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for English Language Arts and Reading Subchapter C. High School." 22 August 2011. 
          Texas Education Agency. 19 August 2014 <http://ritter.tea.state.tx.us/rules/tac/chapter110/ch110c.html>
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