Course Expectations
    Classroom Rules
    1) Arrive on time.
    2) No eating or drinking in class.

    3) No sleeping or lyning down in class.
    4) Come to class prepared. Bring your class materials, writing utensil, and charged laptop.
    5) Respect others, myself, and yourself. Listen when others are speaking, and raise your hand when you wish to speak. Do not interrupt or talk over your peers.
    6) Hall passes will only be provided in cases of emergency. Go to the restroom and get a drink of water between classes. You must have your agenda signed to leave for the restroom during a class period.

    7) Remain in your assigned seat unless otherwise noted. Do not walk around the room, open/close windows, sit on tables, or sit in another student’s desk.

    8) Hate Speech/Bullying: Disrespectful speech will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to, using the word “gay” as a synonym for stupid/pointless/etc.

    9) Absences:
    Planned or School Related- You must see me before your absence. All work must be complete prior to the absence unless otherwise noted.
    Unplanned- See me when you return to pick up any missed assignments. Make-up assignments must be turned in no later than the number of school days the student missed. Quizzes/tests must be made up within one week of your absence.
    Grading Policy
    1) All assignments and assessments receive a score. You will be unable to pass PIT without completing all assignments and assessments.
    2) Know the Academic Integrity Policy. Cheating on an assignment will result in a zero as well as a lengthy and quite boring lecture!

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Last Modified on August 12, 2014