All students attending Pin Oak Middle School will be required to follow the Pin Oak Dress Code. All articles of the uniform are to be maintained and worn in a way that represents the individual students and the school in a positive way. Students are required to wear the uniform to school and throughout the entire day until leaving for the day.
    All clothing must be:
     Solid-colored, without variations, patterns, words, or ornamentation
     Clean, neat, no rips, holes, cuts, etc. that extend through the fabric
     Properly fitted – clothing should be neither skin-tight nor excessively baggy
    “Tops” [clothing above the waist]:
     Colors: royal blue, white, or gray. Please check with office personnel for color sample if needed.
     Students must wear a collared shirt; collared shirts with the Pin Oak logo are available at the School Store.
    o All other shirt logos may not be larger in size than the student ID badge.
     Undershirts may be worn in one of the three approved colors. Turtleneck and long-sleeved shirts may be worn under the regular uniform shirt.
     A solid sweater or sweatshirt in royal blue, white, or gray, without variations in color or patterns may be worn over students’ regular uniform apparel. Sweatshirts may have a hood or zipper. Logos for sweatshirts and outerwear may not be larger in size than the student ID badge.
     Any official team or club sweatshirt or jacket may be worn as appropriate outerwear so long as a dress code shirt is worn underneath.
     Charger Spirit Shirts may be worn only on Charger Days.
    o Charger Spirit Shirts can be purchased in the School Store
    “Bottoms” [clothing below the waist]:
     Colors: navy blue, khaki, blue denim, or official school tartan
     Fabrics: Denim or khaki
     Bottoms may be pants, skirts, shorts, skorts, capris, or jumpers
     Must be fitted at the waistline
     All bottoms must be no shorter than mid-thigh towards the knee
    o If there is a question of inappropriateness of bottom length, even given this guideline, the decision of the staff will prevail.
     Leggings or tights may be worn under bottoms. Acceptable colors include solid white, gray, navy, khaki, or black.
    o Bottoms are still expected to maintain appropriate length.
    Accessories and Grooming Standards:
     Shoes must be closed-toe and have a rubber sole. The thickness of the heel and or sole may not be more than one inch.
    o Flip flops, slides, and backless shoes are prohibited
     School-issued student ID badge must be visible at all times when on school property, on school-sponsored trips, including the school bus.
     Jewelry and makeup are permissible unless they are distracting, disruptive in the classroom, or specifically addressed in the planner.
     Bracelets with metal spikes are not permitted.
     No writing with markers or pens is allowed on any article of clothing.
     Exposed tattoos and/or use of pens, pencils, or markers to make marks on the skin are also inappropriate for school and expressly prohibited.
     No hats or head-covering are permitted other than those required by religious practice. Hoods must stay down while on HISD property or during school events.
     Bookbags or backpacks must be placed in the student locker before going to the first class of the day; bags must remain in the locker until the end of the school day.
     Smart watches must remain in the student locker during the school day and are not permitted in the classroom.
    Special Circumstances and Events:
     On Fridays, students may also choose to wear approved Pin Oak spirit, club, athletic, or organizational shirts.
     Team uniforms are permitted to be worn on game days, with the approval of the coach. Athletic team tops and bottoms worn instead of a uniform top or bottom must meet regular dress code guidelines.
     Field Trips – Students must wear regular dress code attire when attending a field trip, even if the trip is on Friday or a free dress day.
     On Free Dress Days, students are expected to maintain dress code standards with the following exceptions:
    o May wear any color
    o May have any ornamentation which is not disruptive or offensive
    o A collared shirt is not required, but a shirt with sleeves must be worn
    o Pajama apparel, yoga pants, and Spandex-type pants are never appropriate for free dress
    o Additional criteria may be announced for special days
    Failure to comply with the Pin Oak Dress Code will result in disciplinary action including, but not limited to school-wide or in-school suspension.
    Pin Oak administration reserves the right to determine if a student’s dress is a disruption to the educational process. All such decisions are final.