Drill site

  • U of H Architecture Bldg. U of H University - Drill site is a workplace for practicing. There are 10 layouts. There are twenty-nine apps. The majority are directed to campuses; however, there are three most common apps for departments. The apps are File Library; Site Shortcut; and Flex Editor. In the "Section Workplace" there are four tabs. Summary; Tools, Editor and Views; and How Do I.... Under "Summary" tab, you can manage layout and apps. Under "Page Option" tab, you can change the name of the app. There are two commonly used tabs. The "General" tab allows you to hide page; always show pages nested under two pages; show a bullet image next to this page; or map page to web address. e.g. http://www.cnn.com The Display Duration determines when active page displays from start date to end date.