• Advocacy Week 4 - Friday Sept 19 


    Lee TV Episode - Friday Sept 19

    Content Outline: 
    Postcard from Monterrey, Mexico
    ALS ice bucket challenges
    Student goals for this year
    Interview with Mr. Kucek
    Special message from Ms. Washington
    Talent show tryouts
    Postcard from Las Grutas de Garcia, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

    Paper Reports, Forms, Flyers and Reminders

    Dear Students, 
    1. If you took a STAAR test during the summer, ask your Advocacy teacher for the Summer STAAR results (from Ms Puente).
    2. If you were invited to Saturday tutorials, please remember to be part of Saturday tutorials EVERY Saturday. Do not miss any Saturdays! 

    PowerUp Pizza Contest!

     PowerUp Pizza Contest!
    Please count how many students are in your Advocacy roster today based on Chancery or Gradespeed, and how many students brought their PowerUp cash paid receipts to class today (NOT the agreement forms). Enter the information into the online form to enter the contest. The LINK TO THE ONLINE FORM WILL BE EMAILED TO TEACHERS THE EVENING OF THURSDAY SEP 18. 
    The TOP FIVE advocacy classes with the highest percentage of Paid Laptops Receipts on Friday September 19 wins a Pizza Party during lunch during the week of September 22.
    The TOP FIVE teachers get coverage of their 7th or 8th period class of their choosing. Coverage provided by our wonderful Ms. Hubbard. 
    A huge shout-out to Ms. Hubbard for the contest idea and support! 

    PowerUp: Protecting the Laptop Screen and Keyboard

    Broken screen due to staple
    Dear Students:
    We already had one laptop screen break this year when a student put stapled papers on the keyboard, closed the lid and zipped the bag. The staple put enough pressure on the screen and cracked the LCD.
    How can we protect the screen and keyboard?. 
    Do not place pencils, erasers, stapled papers, ear buds, paper clips, keys, USB flash drives, or any other object on the keyboard. If you forget it is there and close the lid, it will damage the laptop!   

    PowerUp: Introducing the Cyber Safety Website

    HISD Cyber Safety
    Dear Students: 
    Please refer to the Cyber Safety website below for any questions on Cyber Safety. We will refer to this website throughout the year.
Last Modified on September 20, 2014