• Course Syllabus

    Algebra I – Ms. Umana – Room 304

    Lee High School Academic Year 2014-2015

    Helpful Hints

     ·       Students are expected to be present and on time to class each day. 

                   o  After 20 minutes, you are considered absent.

                   o  Before 20 minutes, you are considered tardy.

                   o  No one can leave class the first and last 10 minutes of class.

    ·       Failure to turn in an assignment will result in a zero.

    ·       The highest grade that a student can receive on a late assignment is a 70.

    ·       NO assignments will be taken after the unit test.

    ·       Tutorials are available AFTERSCHOOL OR BY APPOINTMENT and students are encouraged to attend.


    ·       Categories and weight

             o  Homework = 10%

             o  Classwork = 35%

             o  Quizzes/Projects = 35%

             o  Tests = 20%

    ·       Semester grade will be worth 75% of the total of what has been listed and End-of-the-Semester Exam will be worth 25% all together to give you your final grade for the semester.

    Teacher Info

     ·       Email: Cumana@houstonisd.org

     ·       Website: on LHS website under faculty:  Ms. Umana

     ·       Conference period: 3rd 

              o  Mondays 9:45-10:41am

              o  Tuesdays thru Thursdays 10:19-11:12am

              o  Fridays 9:25am-10:11am


    ·       School Laptop

    ·       Pencils

    ·       Blue, Black, and Red Pens

    ·       Expo markers

    ·       Binder

    ·       3 Dividers

             1.     Warm-Ups

             2.     Lessons - NoteTaking

             3.     Homework

     ·       Notebook paper (college or wide ruled)

     ·       Spiral notebook (for tutoring)

     ·       Students will have access to a TI-NSpire graphing calculator in class only.  Students are encouraged, but not required to purchase a graphing calculator for home use.

     ·       Textbooks will be provided in class only.     Online access:  go to www.classzone.com, select McDougal Littell 2011, activation code = in class only.

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