Futures Academy Student Ambassadors

  • SUMMARY: An Ambassador’s primary function is to help prospective students understand the benefits of being a part of Futures Academy and to recruit students who are interested in enrolling. Ambassadors show leadership, professionalism, pride and the desire to promote Futures Academy as a program while delivering superior customer service at all times. Ambassadors give potential applicants the students’ view of Futures Academy life. Ambassadors must develop in-depth knowledge of all aspects of their program (academics, rigor, resources, benefits, and culture).  As front line representatives of Futures Academy, Ambassadors are committed to excellence. The success of this program depends on a strong foundation built by devoted students.


    >    Represent the Futures Academy program and student body with a high standard of class, sophistication and fun


    >    Work closely with HISD Futures Academy district and campus staff on program activities, functions, events, general office assistance, etc.


    >    Greet and provide general information and assistance to campus visitors, students, families, business partners and stakeholders


    >    Serve on panels for prospective students, parents, and business partners


    >    Lead discussions or icebreakers with prospective students


    >    Conduct campus tours for visitors


    >    Act as an ambassador to prospective students and families at recruiting events such as School Choice Nights, Open Houses, and college and career fairs


    >    Maintain proper school attire or Futures Academy polo during identified events or when interacting with visitors, and/or business partners


    >    Potentially serve as a model fro marketing photo or video shoots


    >    Potentially serve as a blogger for the Futures Academy website and/or social media


    >    Assist in the recruitment of future Student Ambassadors

    >    Experience for potential future leadership roles in college or career settings
    >    Sharpen communication and public speaking skills

    >    Improve interpersonal and conversational skills

    >    Develop networking skills through participation at exciting events

          >   Completed application

          >   Good Futures Academy standing

          >   Strong work ethic and responsibility

          >   Enthusiastic and positive attitude

          >   Willingness to improve marketing and communication skills

          >   A sincere desire to help Futures Academy and foster the program’s
               positive reputation

    STUDENT AMBASSADOR PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS: To remain an active Student Ambassador you must attend ALL meetings and training sessions, actively participate in volunteer offerings, and conduct ALL ambassador actions in a professional manner. Failure to do so, results in immediate disqualification of position by the HISD Futures Academy staff.

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