Elementary School Magnet Programs

  • When it comes to your child's education, you have a lot of choices.
    The Houston Independent School District prides itself on its many and varied school choice options for students. HISD also remains committed to providing equity in access to high-quality educational programs and instruction. School Choice options include neighborhood schools, Magnet programs, and charter schools. We invite you to take a closer look at HISD. You will see that Houston's public school system offers students a world of great opportunities that will prepare them for success-in  college, in careers, and in life.
  • Fine Arts and/or Performing and Visual Arts

    HISD’s Magnet programs in the fine arts build on academics to give students opportunities for creative expression. Young artists work together to produce high-quality performances, publications, and exhibitions that reflect their understanding of the arts, develop their critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, and enhance their self-esteem. 
  • Dual Language Programs

    HISD is rich with diversity, mirroring Houston. Our specialty schools — dual language, language immersion, International Baccalaureate, and internationally focused high schools — offer students the opportunity for broader language study, multicultural explorations, and the skills to function smoothly in a shrinking global environment.

    Dual language campuses promote instruction in two languages as equally important, giving English speakers the gift of bilingualism and allowing English-as-a-second-language students to retain their own language while mastering English.

  • Vanguard (Gifted and Talented)

    HISD’s Vanguard magnet programs serve students who have been identified as gifted and/or talented in intellectual ability or creativity. Vanguard curricula are both accelerated and enriched, and are continually rigorous throughout a student’s academic life. At Carnegie Vanguard, the district’s only Vanguard high school, students must take pre-AP and AP courses in all four core areas plus a foreign language each year.
  • International Baccalaureate

    International Baccalaureate schools offer challenging educational programs for students to help develop their intellectual, personal, emotional, and social skills to learn, work, and live comfortably and productively as a citizen of the world. The rigorous and broad IB program empowers students to become dedicated, lifelong, bilingual and biliterate learners who embrace multiculturalism and diversity.
    IB schools operate through a nonprofit international foundation that authorizes IB status through an extensive process including teacher training, an IB-team visit, curriculum review, and interviews throughout the school community.
  • Montessori

    HISD’s Montessori schools use century-old techniques emphasizing highly personalized learning for each child to develop his/her own interests and full potential. Every classroom is equipped with special materials designed to work with the whole child to develop social skills, emotional growth, physical coordination, and cognition. Class communities emphasize both independent, purposeful work and collaborative explorations.
  • STEM

     Students have the opportunity for in-depth, process-oriented studies of STEM disciplines in conjunction with a strong academic program. These studies develop critical-thinking and problem-solving skills through relevant and meaningful STEM explorations. Student centered learning emphasizes “hands-on” activities with real world applications.

Elementary School Coordinators





logo   Arabic Immersion Magnet School Sarina Keller
  Phone: 713-556-8940 | 713-556-8944 (fax) Sarina.Keller@houstonisd.org
  Address: 812 W. 28th St. Houston, TX 77008
logo   Askew Elementary Scott Bounds
  Phone: 281-368-2100 | 281-368-2103 (fax) sbounds@houstonisd.org
  Address: 11200 Wood Lodge Houston, TX 77077-4237
logo   Atherton Elementary Angelanet Allen
  Phone: 713-671-4100 | 713-671-4104 (fax) aallen17@houstonisd.org
  Address: 2011 Solo Street Houston, TX 77020
logo   Bell Elementary Milagro Sasmita
  Phone: 281-983-2800 | 281-983-2802 (fax) MSASMITA@houstonisd.org
  Address: 12323 Shaftsbury Drive Houston, TX 77031-3199
logo   Berry Elementary Yadira Suriano
  Phone: 713-696-2700 | 713-696-2701 (fax) ysuriano@houstonisd.org
  Address: 2310 Berry Road Houston, TX 77093-7418
logo   Blackshear Elementary Clifford Lee
  Phone: 713-942-1481 | 713-942-1486 (fax) clee10@houstonisd.org
  Address: 2900 Holman Houston, TX 77004-3240
logo   Bruce Elementary Jennifer Mills
  Phone: 713-226-4560 | 713-226-4562 (fax) jmills2@houstonisd.org
  Address: 510 Jensen Drive Houston, TX 77020-5834
logo   Burbank Elementary Cindy Vu
  Phone: 713-696-2690 | 713-696-2691 (fax) cvu1@houstonisd.org
  Address: 216 Tidwell Houston, TX 77022-2046
logo   Burrus Elementary Guadalupe "Lupe" Padilla
  Phone: 713-867-5180 | 713-867-5182 (fax) gpadill1@houstonisd.org
  Address: 701 East 33rd Street Houston, TX 77022-5199
logo   Carrillo Elementary Edith Santiago
  Phone: 713-924-1870 | 713-924-1873 (fax) esantiag@houstonisd.org
  Address: 960 South Wayside Drive Houston, TX 77023-3412
logo   Codwell Elementary Dawn Buie
  Phone: 713-732-3580 | 713-732-3582 (fax) dawn.buie@houstonisd.org
  Address: 4103 Brisbane St Houston, TX 77047-1701
logo   Cook Elementary Lysette Cooper
  Phone: 713-636-6040 | 713-636-6088 (fax) lcooper7@houstonisd.org
  Address: 7115 Lockwood Houston, TX 77016-7027
logo   Cornelius Elementary Natasha Putman
  Phone: 713-845-7405 | 713-845-7448 (fax) nputman@houstonisd.org
  Address: 7475 Westover Houston, TX 77087-6113
logo   Crespo Elementary Nora De Leon
  Phone: 713-845-7492 | 713-847-4716 (fax) NDELEON2@houstonisd.org
  Address: 7500 Office City Drive Houston, TX 77012-4115
logo   Crockett Elementary Alex Guerra
  Phone: 713-802-4780 | 713-802-4783 (fax) AGUERRA6@houstonisd.org
  Address: 2122 Crockett St Houston, TX 77007-6327
logo   Davila Elementary Daniel Garza
  Phone: 713-924-1851 | 713-924-1853 Daniel.Garza@houstonisd.org
  Address: 7610 Dahlia St. Houston, TX 77012-3005
logo   De Zavala Elementary Annel Monreal
  Phone: 713-924-1888 | 713-924-1891 (fax) amonreal@houstonisd.org
  Address: 7521 Avenue H Houston, TX 77012-1199
logo   Durham Elementary Axinia Zepeda
  Phone: 713-613-2527 | 713-613-2515 (fax) azepeda1@houstonisd.org
  Address: 4803 Brinkman Houston, TX 77018-2021
logo   Elrod Elementary Laura Henry
  Phone: 713-778-3330 | 713-778-3333 (fax) lhenry5@houstonisd.org
  Address: 6230 Dumfries Houston, TX 77096-4603
logo   Garden Oaks Montessori Laura Aasletten
  Phone: 713-696-2930 | 713-696-2932 (fax) laaslett@houstonisd.org
  Address: 901 Sue Barnett Houston, TX 77018-5415
logo   Garden Villas Elementary Amisha Blake
  Phone: 713-845-7484 | 713-847-4714 (fax) ablake1@houstonisd.org
  Address: 7185 Santa Fe Houston, TX 77061-2621
logo   Gregory Lincoln Middle School Fine Arts Cheryl Jones
  Phone: 713-942-1400 | 713-942-1406 (fax) cjones13@houstonisd.org
  Address: 1101 Taft Houston, TX 77019-4598
logo   Hartsfield Elementary Mykal Doyle
  Phone: 713-746-8280 | 713-746-8283 (fax) mdoyle2@houstonisd.org
  Address: 5001 Perry Houston, TX 77021-3515
logo   Harvard Elementary Jessica Berry
  Phone: 713-867-5210 | 713-867-5215 (fax) Jessica.Berry@houstonisd.org
  Address: 810 Harvard Houston, TX 77007-1607
logo   Helms Elementary Julie Hernandez
  Phone: 713-867-5130 | 713-867-5133 (fax) jhernan2@houstonisd.org
  Address: 503 West 21st Street Houston, TX 77008-1943
logo   Herod Elementary Todd Paulus
  Phone: 713-778-3315 | 713-778-3317 (fax) tpaulus@houstonisd.org
  Address: 5627 Jason Houston, TX 77096-2110
logo   Herrera Elementary Melody Vizi
  Phone: 713-696-2800 | 713-696-2804 (fax) mvizi@houstonisd.org
  Address: 525 Bennington Houston, TX 77022-4911
logo   Kashmere Gardens Elementary Cynovia Hall
  Phone: 713-671-4160 | 713-671-4163 (fax) CHALL11@houstonisd.org
  Address: 4901 Lockwood Houston, TX 77026-2942
logo   Kolter Elementary Kathleen Crossett
  Phone: 713-726-3630 | 713-726-3663 (fax) kathleen.crossett@houstonisd.org
  Address: 9710 Runnymeade Houston, TX 77096-4220
logo   Lantrip Elementary Margaret Randall
  Phone: 713-924-1670 | 713-924-1672 (fax) Margaret.Randall@houstonisd.org
  Address: 100 Telephone Road Houston, TX 77023-1899
logo   Lockhart Elementary Dennis Jackson
  Phone: 713-942-1950 | 713-942-1953 (fax) djacks14@houstonisd.org
  Address: 3200 Rosedale Street Houston, TX 77004-7911
logo   Longfellow Elementary Andrea Pennington
  Phone: 713-295-5268 | 713-295-5257 (fax) apennin1@houstonisd.org
  Address: 3617 Norris Houston, TX 77025-3600
logo   Lovett Elementary Cara Boynton
  Phone: 713-295-5258 | 713-295-5291 (fax) cboynton@houstonisd.org
  Address: 8814 South Rice Houston, TX 77096-2622
logo   MacGregor Elementary Marcie Coleman
  Phone: 713-942-1990 | 713-942-1993 (fax) MCOLEMON@houstonisd.org
  Address: 4801 LaBranch Houston, TX 77004-5650
logo   Mandarin Immersion Magnet School Chiwei Lin
  Phone: 713-295-5276 | 713-662-3527 (fax) CLIN@houstonisd.org
  Address: 5445 W. Alabama, 77056-2622
logo   Oak Forest Elementary Carrie Botello
  Phone: 713-613-2536 | 713-613-2244 (fax) cbotell1@houstonisd.org
  Address: 1401 West 43rd Houston, TX 77018-4198
logo   Parker Elementary Carol Kehlenbrink
  Phone: 713-726-3634 | 713-726-3660 (fax) ckehlenb@houstonisd.org
  Address: 10626 Atwell Houston, TX 77096-4925
logo   Patterson Elementary Chandra Reed
  Phone: 713-943-5750 | 713-943-5755 (fax) Chandra.Reed@houstonisd.org
  Address: 5302 Allendale Houston, TX 77017-6214
logo   Poe Elementary Sara Williams
  Phone: 713-535-3780 | 713-535-3784 (fax) swillia2@houstonisd.org
  Address: 5100 Hazard Houston, TX 77098-5396
logo   Pugh Elementary Dahlia Salem
  Phone: 713-671-3820 | 713-671-3825 (fax) DSALEM@houstonisd.org
  Address: 1147 Kress Houston, TX 77020-7416
logo   Red Elementary LaFoscia Maxie
  Phone: 713-726-3638 | 713-726-3698 (fax) lmaxie@houstonisd.org
  Address: 4520 Tonawanda Houston, TX 77035-3716
logo   Rice Sch La Escuela Vickie Matson
  Phone: 713-349-1800 | 713-349-1828 (fax) vmatson@houstonisd.org
  Address: 7550 Seuss Drive Houston, TX 77025-2271
logo   River Oaks Elementary Jana Bomersbach
  Phone: 713-942-1460 | 713-942-1463 (fax) JBOMERS1@houstonisd.org
  Address: 2008 Kirby Houston, TX 77019-6016
logo   Roosevelt Elementary Donya Gay
  Phone: 713-696-2820 | 713-696-2821 (fax) dgay@houstonisd.org
  Address: 6700 Fulton Houston, TX 77022-5499
logo   Ross Elementary Emily Medrano
  Phone: 713-226-4550 | 713-226-4554 (fax) emedrano@houstonisd.org
  Address: 2819 Bay Houston, TX 77026-3203
logo   Scroggins Elementary Guadalupe Padilla
  Phone: 713-671-4130 | 713-671-4133 (fax) GPADILL1@houstonisd.org
  Address: 400 Boyles Houston, TX 77020-5299
logo   Shadowbriar Elementary Brad Zimmerman
  Phone: 281-368-2160 | 281-368-2170 (fax) bzimmerm@houstonisd.org
  Address: 2650 Shadowbriar Houston, TX 77077-6000
logo   Sinclair Elementary Rebekah Nielsen
  Phone: 713-867-5161 | 713-867-5162 (fax) rebecca.nielsen@houstonisd.org
  Address: 6410 Grovewood Houston, TX 77008-3222
logo   Stevens Elementary Julie Woods
  Phone: 713-613-2546 | 713-613-2541 (fax) JWOODS8@houstonisd.org
  Address: 1910 LaMonte Houston, TX 77018-4619
logo   T H Rogers School Barbra Hearne
  Phone: 713-917-3565 | 713-917-3555 (fax) bhearne@houstonisd.org
  Address: 5840 San Felipe Houston, TX 77057-3059
logo   Travis Elementary Sara Lytle
  Phone: 713-802-4790 | 713-802-4795 (fax) slytle@houstonisd.org
  Address: 3311 Beauchamp Houston, TX 77009-6699
logo   Valley West Elementary Erica Rudolph
  Phone: 713-773-6151 | 713-773-6156 (fax) erudolph@houstonisd.org
  Address: 10707 South Gessner Houston, TX 77071-3507
logo   Wainwright Elementary Nina Roman
  Phone: 713-613-2550 | 713-613-2549 (fax) nlroma19@houstonisd.org
  Address: 5330 Milwee Houston, TX 77092-6655
logo   Wesley Elementary Sarah Henry
  Phone: 713-696-2860 | 713-696-2866 Sarah.Henry@houstonisd.org
  Address: 800 Dillard Houston, TX 77091-2302
logo   Wharton K-8 Dual Language Melina Doig
  Phone: 713-535-3771 | 713-535-3772 (fax) mdoig@houstonisd.org
  Address: 900 West Gray Houston, TX 77019-4226
logo   Whidby Elementary Angelica Bentley
  Phone: 713-746-8170 | 713-746-8173 (fax) Angelica.Bentley@houstonisd.org
  Address: 7625 Springhill Houston, TX 77021-6033
logo   Wilson Montessori Krystal Perkins
  Phone: 713-942-1470 | 713-942-1472 (fax) kmcguire@houstonisd.org
  Address: 2100 Yupon Houston, TX 77006-1830
logo   Windsor Village Elementary Danielle Arriola
  Phone: 713-726-3642 | 713-726-3647 (fax) darriol1@houstonisd.org
  Address: 14440 Polo Houston, TX 77085-3399