• Are you and your passengers safe behind the wheel?

    Guiding Question…

    How would you handle it if you were looking at your phone while driving, crashed into someone and nobody survived except for you?
    See what happened over Spring Break, 2016...

    Do you think there should be laws about texting or using your phone's GPS while driving?

    Do you know that in some cities there are laws about texting while walking?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnw_7xI5klM (Copy and paste in Chrome)

    See if you would ever try this experiment...
    Now safely practice driving while distracted and keep track of your data...


    Choose a setting, distraction, road conditions and speed. 


    (Making a phone call) How many seconds are you distracted? __________

    (Replying to a text) How many seconds? ____________

    (Adjusting GPS) How many seconds? ___________

    Make a pledge to drive safely and help others to do the same!  Speak up for safety!

    Will your advocacy  pledge to…

    A) not text or post online while driving? 

    B) remind anyone driving you not to text or post while driving?

    C) Have someone else watch your phone's GPS? 
    Anyone who pledges to drive safely (now or in the future when you get your license), post outside your advocacy door your signatures and today's date, title it Safe Driving Pledge Agreement.