• Davis Law Interns


    On Tuesday, November 18,2014, 6 Davis High School Seniors(Erika Garcia, Jazzmine Mendez, Nelly Mendoza-Mendoza, Angelica Montiel, Yesica Morales, and  Kimberly Romo) had the opportunity to interview for a part time job with the Shelton Sparks & Associates, L.L.C. law firm here at the school. Each student had 48 hours to update their resume and submit it for review before the actual interview.  After the interview each student was asked what did they get out of the experience as well as if they could change anything before going into the interview what would they change. Candidate responses are as follows:
    Erika Garcia- “ I got to experience how it felt to be interviewed as this was my very first time interviewing for a job” ; “ If I would change anything I would look up interview questions”

    Jazzmine Mendez- “This was a unique experience and I feel good about it”; “If I would change anything I would reframe the questions that I asked Mr. Sparks”

    Nelly Mendoza-Mendoza- “ I think that I naturally talk fast so this experience made me realize that I need to slow down when speaking”; “ I don’t like to over-prepare so I wouldn’t change anything and remain confident in myself”

    Angelica Montiel- “I got to learn about the real process of an interview because this was my first interview”; “ I would practice answering interviewing questions so that I can learn not to pause a lot when asked a question”

    Yesica Morales- “ This experience has taught me the types of feelings and emotions that interviews bring”; “If I could change anything I would work on not being so nervous”

    Kimberly Romo- “ From this experience I now know that I should work on answering interview questions which is the same thing that I would change”

    After 2 days Mr. Sparks contacted the support team and responded with,”  Mrs. Shridharan, Thank you and the staff at Davis High for allowing us to come on campus and interview the six (6 ) outstanding candidates for the internship we are seeking to fill at our Law firm. Each of the interviewees had admirable skills sets, which made this process more challenging than we thought. However, since some of them had after school activities and time conflicts with what we need at the firm we were able to narrow it down to two who we would like to speak with again. Those persons are Kimberly Romo and Yesica Morales. Please share our appreciation to those who came and met us and how impressed we were with each. GO Panthers!”
    Congratulations to all 6 of these wonderful students as well as a BIG shout out to Mr. Okoli for partnering with the community and creating opportunities for our students!