Social Activism Tuesday       Chimp


    Guiding questions-

    If the natural habitat for all gorillas was destroyed and all had to be relocated to zoos, would they be better off? 

    Would it be better to have the majority in the wild, and some in the zoo for people to study and appreciate?

    Would you help save the habitat for all African animals if you could, and it would not cost you anything?

    Watch the video on how recycling cell phones can help save the environment…presented by Jane Goodall


    Now watch the footage of a chimpanzee who paints, and think about the intelligence of primates as you do. 



    The Houston Zoo is offering a painting by one of their chimpanzees for the school who contributes the most cell phones.  All you need to do is return your phone to its factory settings to protect your information.  Donate your phone and charger to your advocacy.  Each Friday, drop them in the donation box to be mailed to the Houston Zoo at the end of April.

    East Early College is signed up to participate in this challenge, and maybe even win a painting by the primates at the Houston Zoo!



    For further study:

    Find out more about Jane Goodall and her extensive study of chimpanzees..