Classroom Management Plan Spring 2015

    Ms. Umana, Room 304

    Three Basic Class Rules, Six Classroom Manners, Five Consequences, and List of Procedures

    Please note the Classroom Management Plan is subject to change as deems necessary.  It is the student’s sole responsibility to abide by the Classroom Management Plan, Lee High School’s Student Handbook, and Houston ISD’s school policies in order to maintain a safe, productive, and positive environment conducive to learning.



    1. BE QUIET.


    3. DO YOUR WORK.




    2. TAKE TURNS.







    FIRST OFFENSE :  Loss of Participation Points

    SECOND OFFENSE :  Withdrawal of Privileges

    THIRD OFFENSE :   Change of Seating

    Fourth OFFENSE:  Parent Call

    Fifth OFFENSE:  Referral to the Dean


     List of PROCEDURES but NOT limited to:

    ·        Be in dress code in order to enter my class.

    ·        Cell phones and earbuds (as depicted in Student Handbook, shown in box here):


    § Students may not use phones or electronic devices during the school day. Students may possess cell phones but they must be turned off and be hidden from view in a pocket, backpack or purse during school hours. If a student needs to contact a parent or guardian they must receive permission from a teacher or administrator to use a school phone located in one of the offices. Parents who need to contact their child can call the school and the message will be delivered. Exceptions for cell phone use may be made by a teacher for instructional purposes. Teachers and principals will confiscate cell phones if they ring are displayed, or used. Only parents with proper identification can claim the phone after paying a $15 fee to the financial clerk located in 202 during school hours.  STAFF IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST ELECTRONIC DEVICES INCLUDING CELL PHONES WHICH ARE CONFISCATED. Students may not listen to audio or use video players during school hours. Players will be confiscated and returned to a parent or guardian.


    o   On test administration days, students will not be permitted to be in possession of a cell phone or any other electronic device.  Any student who does not comply with this request will be disciplined appropriately and risk having their test scores voided.

    ·        Enter the classroom with posture, politeness, and prepare to work.

    ·        Tardy students will earn a “0” on the DoNow.

    ·        Absent students will make up work as follows:   A "0" will be recorded in the GradeBook.  Class time will not be used to make up any missing work.  It is the student’s responsibility to take initiative to makeup missing assignments by staying afterschool on Wednesdays for tutorials.  All Make Up work will be graded with a grade no greater than a 70 and considered late if and only if the absence is not excused in respect to Attendance policy (as depicted in Student Handbook, shown in box here):


    Your learning is greater when you attend class every day.  When you’re absent you miss important information.  Here are facts on attendance and how it affects grades, credits and your future:

    ·        You must be in class at least 93% of the days (that’s the law in HISD).  If you have more than 3 absences in a semester you cannot receive credit even if you have a passing grade.

    ·        You cannot have more than 3 unexcused absences in a semester or you cannot receive credit.

    ·        Keep track of your attendance.  Ask your advocate, teacher or administrator when you have a question about your attendance or absence notes.  Don’t wait until it’s too late.

    o   What can you do to earn the credits you need?

    ·        Be in class every day and on time.

    ·        If you must be absent, bring a note signed by your parent explaining your absence.  Turn in your note to your assistant principal’s office or the main office the day you come back to school.  Notes turned in after 3 days will not be considered.

    ·        You are expected to arrive to school and class on time.  Tardiness is a sign of disrespect to your teacher and your classmates.

    ·        Student-made posters are posted on the wall with classroom rules to follow all the time.

    ·        No one has permission to be at or near the Teacher’s desk without permission.

    ·        Do not loiter around the doorway or block the entrance to the classroom.   (Quickly enter the classroom and refrain from waiting on friends or trying to invite friends in.  You are entering a Learning Zone!)

    ·        Bellwork will be done from bell to bell.

    ·        10-to-10 rule:  No one has permission to leave class the first and last 10 minutes of class.

    ·        Sharpen your pencils before class begins.  After that, only the silent sharpener will be used.

    ·        Collaboration: “Ask 3 then Me.”

    ·        Raise your hand to ask permission about what it is you need and wait for me to call on you.

    ·        Restroom breaks: Emergency only, limited to 3 breaks per 6 weeks and signing out.

    ·        We will have assigned seats.

    ·        The calculators are the school’s property and it is the student’s responsibility to keep them in good condition or a fine will apply.

    ·        Personal grooming: detention of the makeup or groom tool for up to a week.

    ·        Cleanup before you leave.

    ·        Bell does not dismiss you, Teacher dismisses you.

    ·        Leave the class quietly and orderly so that nobody gets hurt.

Last Modified on March 1, 2015