• What model of immersion does AIMS use?

    PK & Kindergarten: Students PK and Kindergarten participate in a 1 teacher model (self-contained) following an 80/20 model of immersion (80% Arabic).  
    1st & 2nd Grade: Students in 1st and 2nd grade participate in a 2-teacher model for the dual immersion program, where students participate in a 60/40 model of immersion (60% Arabic).

    3rd - 5th Grade: Students follow a 3-way rotation and students participate in a 40/60 model of immersion (40% Arabic).


    6th - 8th Grade: Students participate in a Languages Other Than Arabic (LOTE) model with additional Arabic support through enrichment. Students can earn high school foreign language credit after successful completion of their LOTE Arabic Courses.