•  Energy Institute PTO is looking for new officers for the 2023/2024 school year.  



    Officer Duties Summary

    President The president serves as the presiding officer of the Local PTA and presides over executive board and membership meetings. It is the president’s responsibility to be well prepared. The president distributes all materials to the appropriate officer or committee chair. The president directs the affairs of the association in cooperation with the other members of the executive board for a term of one year. The term begins and ends at the close of the school year, as specified in the Local PTA bylaws. Participation and cooperation secured from officers, committee chairs and members will determine the success of the administration.

    Vice President The vice president, who may be called upon at any time to temporarily assume the role of the president, should make a thorough study of the president’s duties and responsibilities and be familiar with the work of the association.

    Secretary The secretary keeps accurate records of the proceedings of the association. The primary qualifications include promptness; accuracy; a thorough knowledge of the PTA Vision, Mission, Purposes, bylaws, policies and procedures; an understanding of parliamentary law; and a sincere desire to help the president conduct a business-like meeting.

    Treasurer The treasurer is the authorized custodian of the funds of the association. He receives and disburses all monies indicated in the budget and prescribed in the Local PTA bylaws or as authorized by action of the association.


      Responsibilities of the Executive Board
    • Commitment - Accept the position and contribute intelligently to the board decisions. Participate constructively at meetings.
    • History - Know and adhere to PTA philosophies, principles, policies and procedures. Study the structure of PTA.
    • Knowledge - Understand the value of training by attending conferences, workshops, Texas PTA Summer Leadership Seminar and Family Engagement Conference. Become well informed in all areas of PTA programs and projects.
    • Plan - Set goals and establish action steps and procedures to attain them.
    • Organize - Arrange activities in such a way as to accomplish them most effectively.
    • Staff - Select and place the right people in the appropriate jobs.
    • Delegate - Identify tasks to be delegated and select capable people.
    • Direct - Motivate and communicate with leading members/volunteers.
    • Develop - Identify and strengthen leadership. Ensure adequate skills and continual development.
    • Manage - Regulate the process, its costs and the members/volunteers who carry it out. Meet deadlines set by National Texas, Area and Council PTA and fulfill assignments promptly.
    • Release - Pass on all materials including a procedure book to your successor
    Source:  http://www.txpta.org/resources/
    President’s Resource Guide