Students must obtain approval from their school counselor before enrolling in any off campus course.  Credit may not be awarded for coursework not approved by a school counselor prior to off campus enrollment.  


    The schools listed below offer courses online for high school credit.  There is a cost involved when taking courses off campus and it is the student's responsibility to register for courses they have approval to take off campus.

    Students taking Health off campus or PE on campus in summer school must complete the course(s) before their Senior year. If a student has not completed their Health, Communication Applications (if required), and/or PE course(s) and submitted their final grade to their school counselor and the registrar by the end of the summer before their 12th grade year the course(s) will be placed in their schedule.

    Grades earned in courses taken off campus once a student has begun 9th grade are included in a student’s GPA.  Grades students receive as high school credits earned before a student begins 9th grade are not calculated in a student’s GPA.  

    There are also opportunities for students to take courses and complete credit recovery through Bellaire's Grad Lab.   *Please note that there are also  additional schools that a student can register through, the schools listed below are the ones most commonly used by students. BHS doesn’t endorse any particular online provider and these are simply suggestions of accredited online providers we accept.

     Please see your counselor for additional resources and information.  Additional information can also be found on HISD's website.