AM Tuesday Advocacy Lesson
    Grading Conduct 

    What would you do if your professor failed everyone in the class, not for grades, but for supposedly bad conduct and dishonesty?  Read the details, and listen to the professor’s explanation of why he failed everyone.


    Discussion questions:

    1.   Was the professor justified in failing the whole class?  What was his rationale for doing so?

    2.   What would you have done if you were this professor and everything he said was true about the students’ academic dishonesty, cursing, disrespect and rudeness?

    3.   What standards of conduct are unacceptable in a college class? 

    4.   As a student what are your rights if a professor does something you feel is unfair?  What would be your action plan?

    Knowing that Aggie traditions support the following, does this change your opinion?

    ·         The protection of the good reputation of A & M.

    ·         The five stars found in the Aggie shield refer to the five phases of Aggie development: mind or intellect, body, spiritual attainment, emotional poise, and integrity of character.

    ·         Service to the school and the community.



    For further study (Aggie traditions):