*Home Learning Update*

    With the uncertaintly of our current situation and not being able to go back to school for a while, the third grade teachers are commited to creating an online resource to help learning thourgh virtual means. We are currently working on creating a Google Classroom for our 3rd graders where they will be assigned lessons and activities. This will also allow us teachers to keep the communication with the parents and students as frequent as possible. We will send out more details via SchoolWires, Shutterfly, and email.  

    Homework Schedule

    Spelling Sentences assigned Monday, due on Wednesday
    Reading log assigned daily, due on Following Monday  
    Homework Assignments Explained
    Each Monday, there will be a list of 15 spelling words listed on the board that the students will be responsible for copying down in their planner. I recommend reviewing the words with your child to make sure they copied them down correctly. I will also have an updated list below.
    We will have our spelling tests on Thursdays.  Bonus words will be determined day of test so students can practice applying the spelling pattern learned. Note: The bonus words will only be used to cushion the grade and boost it to a 100% in case the student gets a grade below 100%. Any score above 100% WILL NOT be entered into the grade book. 

    Spelling Homework: Students will write a complete sentence for each spelling word.

    Five and a half (5.5) points will be deducted for each spelling word that is not spelled correctly.

    Reading Logs 
    Reading logs will be due every Monday. Students are asked to read a chapter book of choice for atleast 30 minutes each day then log and reflect their reading. The fully completed log will be due each Monday on the following week and a new log will be issued to the student. If the student loses the log, they can create their own on a sheet of paper for full credit. 
     Reading Log Reflection
    Spelling List 
    Weekly Spelling List

    weeks of: 

    None until further notice. 


    Spelling Story Example:

    Spelling Story

    Paper Heading

     Heading used for assignments turned in on lined paper. "Assignment" should be replaced with a description of the assignment being completed. 
    For example: "Spelling Homework" or "Spelling Sentences" if the assignment being done on the paper are the spelling sentences.