• This week in Science, we will be discussing plants. We will be looking at the different parts of a plant and the life cycle.  


    Listed below will be our homework schedule for the week! Please be sure to check your student's planner daily for homework assignments and important upcoming tests/projects. Science and social studies will typically consist of a worksheet or online assignment. I will alternate each week between the two subjects.
    Monday- Spelling 
    Tuesday- Math
    Wednesday- Science/Social Studies
    Thursday- Language

    Homework-- NO HOMEWORK :) Enjoy the night off! 

    Weekly Units

    Week #25 (Mar. 23-27)- Life Cycle Insect 

    Week #26 (Mar. 30-Apr. 3)- Animals **Ceaser Chavez Holiday March 30th

    Week #27 (Apr. 6-10)-Government  **Spring Holiday April 10th

    Week #28 (Apr. 12-17)- Budgeting/Income

    Week #29 (Apr. 19-24)- Producers/Consumers   

    Week #30 (Apr. 26-May 1)- Food Chains   

    Week #31 (May 3-8)- Weather/Space 

    Week #32 (May 10-15)- End of Year Assessments/STEM Labs 

    Week #33 (May 18-22)- STEM Labs 

    Week #34 (May 25-29)- End of Year activities **Memorial Day May 25th