• The following documents were handed out in class the first week of school:

    • Course Syllabus- Last page to be signed by student and parent and returned to Ms. Ford

    Supplemental Materials not printed/handed out in class:
    8 General Rules to Help You Succeed

    Printed and taped to the course whiteboard in class:

    Bio Month At-A-Glance - See what's happening each month (hint: it lists your homework, project, and test dates!)


    • Biology Pre-assessment on the HUB - students were given instructions on how to access their bio course on the HUB, using their HISD laptops. This pre-assessment is mandatory but not for a grade. It is a starting point for me to know incoming knowledge. 
    • Lab Safety Test on the HUB - students must make a score of 80 or higher to participate in labs. Retakes are available if needed. 
    • Design Detectives -  Identifying variables and controls in a scientific experiment
    • Notes - Students should begin taking notes on Chapters 1 and 7 in their online textbook