Welcome to Ms. Casperson's HORROR class!

    The goal of this course is to understand the psychological and sensory elements of literature
    that make this genre unique!  In this course, we will examine the definition of "horror' and
    explore the evolution of the genre in all of its forms.  We will incorporate film, graphic
    novels, and video games as examples of the genre's extension into various forms of media.
    Throughout the duration of this course, you will be asked to create several Creative Writing & Film  
    projects -- to get first-hand experience with the stylistic elements specific to this literary
    genre.  Each semester, these creative assignments will count as major grades for this
    course, and the cumulative pieces will be revised & submitted together as a Semester Portfolio. 
    All prior submissions are expected to be included in the portfolio, as well any additional
    pieces and illustrations.  The final portfolio will represent the End-of-Semester exam grade.
           Horror & You!
    Throughout this course, you will have ample opportunity to express yourself - creatively - 
    through several projects. I encourage you to explore what horror means to you & bring
    your personal perspectives into everything you create for this course!  Horror
    is fundamentally about how we are expected to react to a given scenario or set of stimuli -
    and all opinions and reactions are welcome!  This course will also depend heavily upon
    classroom discussions.   Your individual experiences and reactions are paramount
    to creating a comprehensive understanding of what the genre means to us today!
    I am so excited that you are interested in this genre too & I look forward to an amazing year with you.
    ~ Ms. Casperson