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    Library News for 2019-20



    Welcome to the 2019-20 school year at Bush Elementary.  We have a beautiful library for students to enjoy during their ancillary time. Here is some important information about library policies, procedures, and expectations.  Updates will appear in the Pawprints newsletter.

    Student book checkout and return procedures:


    Circulation Procedures: Students may check out books on their library day according to the following guidelines.  

    Kindergarten & 1st grades:        1 book per student

    2nd grade:                                    2 books per student

    3rd, 4th, & 5th grades:               3 books per student


    *In order to check out a new library book, students must return previous books.  Book checkout may be limited due to damaged or lost books, frequent overdue returns, or at the librarian’s discretion. Students visit the library every six class days. Please return books the day before the class library visit. Books may be returned earlier between class visits as needed.

    Book Care and Return: Please reinforce book care at home.  Keep books in a safe place where they will not be damaged.  Consider placing books in a plastic bag, such as a Ziploc, before putting them in the backpack where water bottles, loose crayons, etc. can cause damage. 

    Book Fines:  If a book is damaged or lost, we ask that parents send the replacement cost of a book instead of a replacement book.  It is easier to refund money if the book is found, and library books require special binding and processing.

    Student Behavior Expectations:

    Follow instructions right away.

    Pay attention and listen respectfully.

    Respect others and keep your hands/body to yourself.

    Take care of the library/books/supplies.

    Return books on time and in good condition.

    Walk safely in the library.

    Specialist conduct policy for ancillary classes:

    If students have a poor attitude, need frequent redirection, or do not participate to their fullest ability, their behavior does not meet the Specialists’ requirements for a grade of “E.” Students who fail to follow class expectations may receive a Red Card indicating the infraction.  The Red Card communicates to the student and parent the areas needing improvement.  Red Cards may be given after other modifications have been tried with no improvement. The Specialists’ recommended nine-week period grading system is as follows:

    One red card --“S”

    Two red cards -- “N”

    Three or more red cards --“U”

    Students can earn a grade of “S” without receiving a Red Card. An “S” means satisfactory. Students who receive an “S” have average participation and conduct. An “E” indicates that students have made extra effort. Thank you for taking time to talk to your child about the importance of following library expectations.

    Summer Reading: Students who read at least five books over the summer receive an award.

    Submit summer reading logs with the total number of books to teachers by September 13.

    Book Fair: Scholastic Book Fairs will be held October 28 through November 1, and May 18-20.

    Name That Book: An application/letter of interest will be available in September for interested

    students. Students must request a form from the library. Notes will not be sent home

    with all students. Applications are due by September 30. Read more about the contest on the

    Houston ISD Digital Resources page.

    Our reading knows no limits at Bush! I look forward to working with you and your students.

    If you have any questions/concerns, you may email me at bmille12@houstonisd.org.


    Mrs. Barbie Miller, Librarian

    Barbara Bush ES