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    Magnet Application Process
    In order to shorten the time parents and students have to wait to find out where a student has been accepted for the following year, we have changed the way we will be processing applications to Magnet programs.
    For the 2016-2017 school year there will be two iportant changes. Parents will be required to rank their choices and applications below the highest rank choice to which a student is offered a seat will be dropped from consideration.
    There will be no change to the number of applications that can be submitted, nor will the chance of being accepted into a first-choice school change.
    School Choice Thursdays
    Every Thursday from October 8, 2015 through December 10, 2015 (except for Thanksgiving), schools will be open for tours. You do not need to sign up, just show up.
    Elementary and K-8 Schools
    9:00 AM
    School-age students should not be brought to morning visits. Elementary and K-8 schools will provide additional, 1:00 PM visits, at which students are welcome, on the following dates: October 29; November 19; and December 10.
    Middle and High Schools
    1:00 PM