• The Martian Chronicles



    Ray Bradbury published his science fiction book The Martian Chronicles in 1950, and it started an obsession about Martians and aliens in general.  It has been believed since then that no life could exist on Mars because the temperatures are well below zero and no life forms could be sustained.  Bradbury counteracted this argument by describing his Martians as altered humanoids, with large eyes and heads, huge lungs, very tall and skinny. 


    face on Mars

    On July 25, 1976, NASA's Viking 1 orbiter captured the above image on the surface of Mars' Cydonia region. The infamous "Face on Mars" prompted decades of speculation, although scientists have long dismissed the image as an example of pareidolia; e.g. seeing shapes in the clouds, or Jesus in your toast.


    Do Now

    Question 1-(Thumbs up or thumbs down…) who believes that there are intelligent life forms on other planets?

    Question 2-(Thumbs up or thumbs down…) would you like to see one?

    If lack of liquid water prevents life on Mars, what would happen if water was discovered?




    Watch the news footage, then discuss with your advocacy.

    Exit Ticket…

     A-C-E  (Answer the following as a gropu and post it outside your door) In our life time, alien life forms will visit us and they will be friendly or unfriendly.


    These will be judged!